Alumni Scholars Club: Board

The ASC Executive Board governs the group, plans and implements its various activities. The board is selected every May for the following academic year. The 13 board positions are filled for one-year terms. Listed below are the 2012-13 Executive Board members.

2012-13 ASC Executive Board


Isabella Europa
4th Year | Major: Biological Anthropology

Isabella is a fun-sized, fun-loving Bay Area Bruin who enjoys hiking, running (which justifies her unrequited love for eating), napping, exploring LA and collecting quotes from her favorite novels (that she ironically only reads during midterms or finals). She has an unreasonable amount of love for ASC, but outside of JWAC she has participated in UCLA Fund Student Giving, Los Angeles Team Mentoring and Thank UCLA Day. Currently, she is a student assistant for UCLA Alumni Travel and an intern for UCLA Awards. Isabella is super excited to get to know new and returning Alumni Scholars at all the fun ASC events, programs and adventures. She enjoys cooking way too much, so you are always welcome to come to her apartment for dinner--seriously.

Vice President

Matthew Long
3rd Year | Major: Classical Civilization

Matt is a classical civilization major with a digital humanities minor, yet has no idea what to do with these extremely useful and high demand degrees in the future. When not involved with classes, ASC or fraternity life, he enjoys short walks on the beach (interspersed with many breaks), moonlight dinners (only when not alone) and most of all spending time with friends. Born and raised a NorCal-ian, he has only recently begun to admit the validity of the southern half of the state, and that San Francisco isn't the only city that matters. He is always open to meeting new people and discussing any and all facets of life and ASC.

Alumni Relations Director

Pranav Mutatkar
2nd Year | Major: Mathematics and Economics

Pranav enjoys hanging out, good movies and of course ASC. Outside of ASC, Pranav participates in the Toastmasters Public Speaking Club and UCLA Mock Trial. He is focused on attaining his Math/Economics major, but also getting the most out of his UCLA experience. Pranav is really excited for this year and he is looking forward to meeting some great alumni and students.

Finance Director

George Elwood-Miranda
4th Year | Major: Biological Anthropology

George is from Cypress, CA, a smaller city in North Orange County. When he isn't in JWAC with his amazing friends and colleagues in ASC, you can find him taking naps in the Sculpture Garden, by Janns Steps or in Powell. His ultimate goal in life is to get into Geffen School of Medicine and start his career in infectious diseases or emergency medicine at the Ronald Reagan Center because he is 100% in love with being a Bruin. Besides the sciences, George is getting a minor in Spanish and very interested in art history, specifically Medieval and Byzantine. He is also a member of the Peer Pre-med Association on campus and helps out with UCLA Parent Fund Programs. George also dances and takes class at EDGE Performing Arts Center, Millennium and Debbie Reynolds. Some of his favorite shows includes Fringe, Bones, V, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Lie to Me, and many more.

Outreach Director

Grace Lau
4th Year | Majors: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics

A Newport Beach native, Grace would like to make a difference in people's lives, perhaps by discovering some sort of revolutionary cure or maybe by conquering the world. She isn't quite sure how, but the latter sounds particularly enticing. In the meantime, Grace is thoroughly enjoying her time at UCLA. She spends most of her time pondering life's deepest questions, but when not sitting atop Janss steps looking out into the distance introspectively, she likes to take classes at the Wooden Center and attend any and all events put on by CEC and UCLA theater groups. She also works in a lab with one of her MIMG professors on atherosclerosis research. She loves to watch shows at the Pantages Theater and exploring all the restaurants in LA that she always sees on the Food Network. Grace would like to someday circumnavigate the world. Her hobbies include singing, swimming, reading and, as juvenile as it sounds, any sort of arts and crafts. In her free time, Grace likes to hang out with her friends and work on her evil cackle which she almost has down. Almost.

Alumni Mentor Programs Director

Rashi Singh
3rd Year | Major: Psychobiology

Rashi is a third year psychobiology major with a minor in biomedical research and is thrilled to be a member of the ASC Executive Board! She is excited about her research in neuroscience and enjoys her free time by teaching tennis to children with autism. She also loves listening to Latin music, relaxing with her friends and family back home in Santa Barbara, and traveling the world when she's not preparing for medical school.

Internal Campus Volunteers Director

Marirose Manuel
4th Year | Major: Psychology

As a transfer student, Marirose has always known that UCLA was the university for her. Originally from the San Fernando Valley, she aspires to go to medical school and one day become a physician either in the field of cardiology or pediatrics. While not studying up a storm, she enjoys cooking, watching Lakers basketball, volunteering at UCLA hospitals and exploring the great city of L.A.

External Campus Volunteers Director

Alexa Golden
4th Year | Major: Human Biology and Society

Alexa is a San Diego native with a crazed passion for the beach. To her Trojan parents’ dismay, she has a raging Bruin spirit that burns in the JD Morgan Center while working for the Athletics Department as Blue and Gold staff in recruiting, in the emergency department at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center as a research associate in EMRA, in the second floor of the Terasaki Building in her research lab and especially within the walls of JWAC with her fellow ASCers! She had a memorable summer mentoring youth in West Los Angeles with the TEACH program and has also loved working as a group counselor for Bruin Woods at the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center for the past two summers. Alexa enjoys tap dancing, running, yoga, lacrosse, coffee ice cream and Zumba. She has great passion for her major, Human Biology and Society, and anticipates pursuing a career in the medical field. As a former Director and coordinator for the Campus Volunteers and Alumni Relations committees, Alexa cannot wait to build off-campus service partnerships and opportunities for ASC!

Marketing Director

Addison Yang
2nd Year | Major: Political Science and Economics

Addison is from Corona, California, a big city with a small town feel. He likes to keep updated on the latest trends in politics and business. His favorite reads include: The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He is involved with the Pre-law Society, Wing Chun Martial Arts Club and Theta Chi fraternity. In his spare time, he plays basketball at the Wooden Center and is always looking for great people to run with. As Marketing Director, Addison is looking forward to incorporating new media strategies into ASC’s publicity campaign and strengthening existing channels of communication between ASC and its scholars.

Ralph Bunche Director

Erineo Garcia
2nd Year | Major: Political Science and International Development Studies

Erineo’s goal for the upcoming year is to get all the Bunche Scholars excited for the upcoming school year and for ASC. He plans to have really fun events and to try to be as helpful to anyone who may have questions.

Leadership Development Director

Ariana Arant
4th Year | Major: Philosophy

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Ariana is a transfer student with a ridiculous amount of love for UCLA. Outside of ASC, she is active in music, dance and theater productions on campus and in the community. Though Ariana hopes to find a career in performing arts, she is also interested in pursuing teaching, working with children, or building a better mousetrap - one which preferably sets the adorable little singing mice free (they all sing, right?). A geek at heart, Ariana enjoys web-comics, laughter, candles, tea, drumming and cheering on her beloved Bruins until her voice is hoarse.

Scholar Relations Directors

Tyler Lanman
3rd Year | Major: Neuroscience

Coming from Danville, Tyler has always been an enthusiastic advocate of making the ASC experience the best it could possible be. Outside of ASC, he is involved with Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, neuroscience research, global medical training, several intramural sports and Dance Marathon. He is working towards a degree in neuroscience and aspires to attend medical school. Going into his second year as Scholar Relations Director, he looks forward to another glorious year for Alumni Scholars Club and loves to meet new people so be sure to introduce yourself at one point or another.

Shannon McGregor Reese
2nd Year | Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Shannon is from Orcutt, California and is a member of Phi Sigma Rho, a sorority for engineering and science majors. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, going to concerts in Hollywood and painting. Outside of UCLA and ASC, the loves of her life are Macarena, Spark and Ollivander, her cats.

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