Rhonda Fleming Mann

2000 University Service Award

A successful actress in film, theater and television, Rhonda Fleming Mann has entertained audiences around the word, yet it is her roles as founder of the Rhonda Fleming Mann Resource Center for Women with Cancer at the UCLA Medical Center that she finds the most rewarding.

Envisioning a place of hope where people with cancer could always find information and support in a safe and comforting environment, she and her husband established the enter and made sure that no patient would ever be turned away. Thanks to the Manns’ generosity, the services are available at no cost. In addition, Mann devotes considerable time and energy to ensuring that cancer patients at UCLA are treated with the four Cs – “caring, concern, compassion and communication.”

An unofficial ambassador for the center, Mann is frequently called upon by people from all walks of life who want to know more about UCLA’s medical services and advice about what to do after a cancer diagnosis. She also attends toe center’s monthly lecture series, Insights into Cancer, where she introduces the speakers and educates audiences about the high quality of medical care that UCLA offers. For her efforts, the City of Hope has twice named her Woman of the Year. She has also received the Living Legacy Award from the Women’s International Center and, in 1999, the Concern Foundation recognized her with the Humanitarian of the Year Award. With grace and determination, Mann has turned her personal grief over the loss of her sister to cancer into hope and improved quality of life for countless others.

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