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Edward A. Dickson Alumnus of the Year Award

1946 - Present | Recipients »

The establishment of the Edward A. Dickson Alumnus of the Year Award, UCLA's oldest and highest alumni tribute, was made possible by a gift of the late Regent Edward A. Dickson. This award has been bestowed upon a distinguished son or daughter of UCLA in recognition of exceptional merit. In the words of Regent Dickson, the recipient is to be an individual who has rendered "a special and outstanding service to UCLA; or who, by personal achievement, has brought great honor and distinction to the University."

Special Award: Lifetime Achievement

1987, 1988, 1989, 2010 | Recipients »

First awarded in 1987, the UCLA Award for Lifetime Achievement has only been presented four times to highly exceptional individuals. Recipients of this award have made significant contributions over a span of years to their chosen professions, achieving recognizably important stature or reputation while also demonstrating depth and broad involvement. They have advanced their professions in broad capacities and distinguished their work with dedication and service.

UCLA Award for Community Service

1967 - Present | Recipients »

The Community Service Award honors those alumni who have unselfishly and generously contributed their time and talents for the enrichment of others and the betterment of their communities. This award bestows recognition on those individuals who have given of themselves in support of various civic, charitable, philanthropic and social welfare organizations. In the instance where candidates are employed in community service-related professions, the individuals shall have an extraordinary record of service and volunteerism well above and beyond the job description of the position held.

UCLA Award for Professional Achievement

1962 - 2010 | Recipients »

The UCLA Award in Professional Achievement pays tribute to the superior achievements of Bruin alumni in their chosen fields of endeavor. The hallmark of each recipient is a sterling record of distinguished career accomplishments, complemented by a history of outstanding contributions to their profession. The committee shall be alert to qualified individuals who serve as a role model to newcomers to the profession or who contribute to the profession through its own organizational activities. Without exception, awardees have set down new standards of excellence to which others in their fields may aspire.

UCLA Award for Public Service

1982 - Present | Recipients »

The Public Service Award is presented to those outstanding individuals who may be singled out for their records of service as government officials or public servants. The recipients must be alumni of UCLA who have distinguished themselves or the University in the performance of elected, or in special circumstances, appointed or commissioned positions, local, national, or international in scope, involved in addressing public sector or governmental needs.

UCLA Award for Recent Graduate Achievement

2011 - Present | Recipients »

Established in 2011, the UCLA Award for Recent Graduate Achievement honors young alumni (within 12 years of graduation from UCLA or under 33 years old, as applicable) in recognition of outstanding achievement in his or her chosen field. This award is designed to recognize established and future leaders among UCLA’s young alumni who demonstrate leadership capability, exceptional achievement, innovation and continued potential in their chosen field as well as a substantial indication of commitment in service to others in the community and/or demonstration of continued leadership/potential distinction in the long term.

UCLA Award for University Service

1962 - Present | Recipients »

The UCLA Award in University Service is designed to honor those alumni and friends whose dedication and volunteer commitment have significantly enriched the substance of UCLA, their efforts adding depth and stature to its reputation. Current university employees are not eligible for this award. However, former employees shall be considered where service significantly goes beyond the duties of their employment.


Distinguished Teaching Award

1961 - 2008 | Recipients »

Distinguished Teaching Awards were first given by the UCLA Alumni Association in 1961. Recipients of the awards are selected by the Committee on Teaching, a standing committee of the Academic Senate, Los Angeles Division.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

1983 - 2008 | Recipients »

Introduced on a campus-wide basis in 1983, the Outstanding Graduate Student Award is presented to the finest of UCLA's graduate or professional degree candidates. Recipients are chosen for their academic excellence, research contributions, service on behalf of graduate studies at UCLA, as well as service to the University and community. Candidates must be scheduled to receive their degrees sometime within the current academic year. Also considered are recommendations of faculty, administrators and fellow students. All recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award receive the Chancellor's Service Award. The recipient is presented with a Life Membership in The UCLA Alumni Association and a $500 honorarium.

Outstanding Senior Award

1966 - 2005 | Recipients »

UCLA's Outstanding Senior Award was instituted to recognize and honor the achievements of distinguished graduating seniors. Award recipients are selected on the basis of academic excellence, creativity within their academic department and outstanding service to the University and community. Also considered are the recommendations of faculty, administrators and fellow students. All recipients of the Outstanding Senior Award receive the Chancellor's Service Award. Each recipient is presented with a Life Membership in The UCLA Alumni Association and a senior class ring.

Honorary Alumnus Award

1954 -1998 | Recipients »

Since 1954, a handful of select individuals who are not alumni of UCLA have been named Honorary Alumnus. They have been chosen for this honor because of their unique contributions that singularly qualify them for special recognition as members of the UCLA community and family. The award entitles the recipient to all benefits of Alumni Association membership except the holding of office in The Alumni Association.

Ralph J. Bunche Memorial Award


The Ralph J. Bunche Memorial Award was created to honor those individuals whose altruism reflects the humanitarian devotion of Ralph J. Bunch '27, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. The Ralph J. Bunche Memorial Award recognizes an abiding concern for the welfare of others, exemplifying the spirit of an individual whose efforts inspired humankind in moving closer to unification as a true family of humanity. The award salutes efforts toward the promotion of peace, humanitarianism, social or scientific progress and human understanding. Such actions need not necessarily be the summary work of a lifetime, for the award may acknowledge a specific action toward the realization of the above ideals.

Recipients of this memorial award shall share the devotion to world peace and enlightenment of society exemplified by Ralph J. Bunche. The individual honored shall be one whose influence and efforts have fostered harmony and understanding among diverse peoples, on a national or international level.

Special Awards

Recipients »

  • Award of Distinction - Last awarded in 2000
  • Distinguished Achievement Award - Last awarded in 1988
  • Golden Year Award of Achievement  - Last awarded in 1979
  • Special Citation Award - Last awarded in 1967
  • Special Presentation Award - Last awarded in 1974
  • Special Recognition Award - Last awarded in 2002
  • Special Tribute Award  - Last awarded in 1970
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