Affinity Partners

For more than 70 years, the UCLA Alumni Association has been facilitating valuable connections. The Association can help match the benefit and service providers with an attractive audience.

What We Can Do For You

The UCLA Alumni Association will work with your organization to:

  • Create a tailored affinity program.
  • Link you to an attractive target audience.
  • Associate you with established relationship.
  • Give you a unique advantage.
  • Help you stand above your competitors.

Discover the possibilities. Contact Claudia Catalan at or call 800-825-2586.

More Than An Educational Institution

UCLA is a Los Angeles landmark and one of the world's best-known universities.

  • Followers of college athletics know UCLA's name from its 112 NCAA team championships, more than any other college or university.
  • More high school seniors across America submit admissions applications to UCLA than any other university.
  • Community leaders recognize UCLA through its active involvement in almost 1,700 community partnerships throughout Los Angeles County.
  • Donors to UCLA have made it one of the top 10 fundraising schools in the nation.
  • Magazine and newspapers consistently rank UCLA among the top five public research universities in the United States.
  • 2 million tourists and visitors attend UCLA events or tour the campus each year.

Distinguished Alumni in Every Field

From sports to science, from the arts to politics, our more than 450,000 alumni are trendsetters and opinion leaders. They represent all walks of life and a diversity of achievements.

  • UCLA alumni earn on average more than $75,000 a year, and enjoy a mean household income of $104,958.
  • 64% of alumni hold professional or managerial positions.
  • 1 in 140 Californians holds a degree from UCLA.
  • 1 in 28 California degree holders is a UCLA graduate.
  • 80% of UCLA alumni reside in California and 60% in Southern California.
  • UCLA alumni live in each of the 50 states and in more than 100 countries around the world.

UCLA Alumni Association: Touchstone for UCLA Graduates and Professionals

The Association upholds the University's traditions and anchors alumni to their alma mater. The strong affinity of alumni to the Association and UCLA offers a unique vehicle for reaching a valuable audience. The Association is a trusted source of information for alumni and friends of the University around the world.

  • This Web site,, receives more than 4 million hits and 100,000 visits each month. And those numbers continue to grow.
  • Our mailing list nearly 400,000 households.
  • Our Connect@UCLA e-newsletter is sent to 230,000 alumni monthly.
  • Our special events attract more than 30,000 alumni and friends each year.
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