Scholar Stories

Sadie Jo Li Larson (First Year, Electrical Engineering - Beaumont, CA)


As a member of ASC from the Inland Empire, I feel more enthusiastic about the wonderful community created by attending UCLA. I recognize the passion that both students and alumni have for UCLA and it motivates me to succeed even more in my studies. I feel honored to have received an alumni scholarship It is great to be a representative from the IE. Thank you in advance for supporting future Bruins from the Inland Empire!

Tobi Jekayinfa (Second Year, Physics / Premed – Riverside, CA)


I am honored to be a UCLA Alumni scholar and also proud to be representing the Inland Empire.  The Alumni scholar program activities have given me a deeper insight into the benefits of engaging with the local community. I’ve had various opportunities to serve on multiple committees involved in bringing the community together.  This quarter my committee and I were fortunate enough to be able to make weekly visits to local middle schools where we are responsible for mentoring underprivileged kids. Seeing the positive impact our presence has on these youth has bolstered my confidence in the Alumni Scholar program and its ability to make a notable difference in the community.  Through this program, I’ve been able to grow and develop in ways that I never could have imagined 18 months ago.

As a physics/premed major, I expect to graduate in 2018 and plan to attend medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a Cardiologist.  I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to all the Alumni who have donated in the past. Thank you for making it possible for myself and other scholars to attend this great institution by generously giving to the Alumni scholarship program.  I would also like to thank all Alumni planning on donating to this campaign in the near future. Your promotion of the Bruin legacy makes a big impact in our community. Go Bruins!

Karina Salcido (Third Year Transfer Student, Chicana/o Studies)


As a transfer undocumented student from the Inland Empire, specifically from the Moreno Valley College, I couldn’t be more honored to stand as an ambassador of that area. Proudly, I represent my Latino community and bring forth my perspectives nurtured by people from back home. I am grateful for being esteemed by the UCLA Alumni Scholarships Program as a Ralph J. Bunche Alumni Scholar recipient of the 2015-2016 UCLA Raza Women’s Scholarship, which has facilitated my transition to this outstanding university. Beyond this monetary aid, this recognition has offered me unconditional support. With much love, the Alumni Scholars Club is now my family away from the I.E. A million thanks and GO BRUINS!

Paulina Hernandez (First Year, Applied Mathematics - Perris, CA)


My name is Paulina Hernandez, and I am a first year Applied Mathematics major. I am from Perris, California, a small town in the Inland Empire. I met my first UCLA friends through the Alumni Scholars Club and have already connected with so many wonderful alumni. Every little bit of financial aid helps and I am grateful to all the past donors of the ASC. I send my gratitude and encouragement to those future donors who will continue to make a difference in UCLA students’ lives.

Zena Taraporewalla (Third Year, Psychobiology – Rancho Cucamonga)


Applying for the UCLA Alumni Scholarship turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Now, as a third year student from the Inland Empire majoring in Psychobiology, I can truly realize the impact the Alumni Scholars Club had on me by allowing me to grow socially and academically while developing new friendships and connecting with many Bruins, both current students as well as alumni. Serving on various committees such as Internal Campus Volunteers and Scholar Relations also allowed me to give back to the club that gave so much to me. For that, I would like to thank the donors of my scholarship as well as the other scholarships.

Laura Rebolledo (First Year, Biochemistry – Riverside, CA)


Being an Alumni Scholar is such an amazing opportunity for me, especially being from the IE. The Alumni Scholarship gave me the extra motivation to succeed in life and actually helped me attend my dream school. I cannot thank the alumni who donated and to the ones who will donate enough. It’s not just a simple scholarship to me, it’s having people believe in you and helping you achieve success. It’s such an immense honor to represent the Inland Empire at UCLA, ever more so as an Alumni Scholar. As a Bruin, and in behalf of my future Alumni Scholar Bruins, thank you!

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