Join Las Donas


Las Donas welcomes your participation at any of our events. For more information, please e-mail:
When responding, please provide a phone number.
We look forward to meeting you and request that you make a reservation and pay in advance by mail, as do all Las Donas members.


Las Donas extends membership to all Alumni and Friends of the University and holds all events in facilities where members are welcome on an equal basis.

Of the total membership, 90% shall have a direct affiliation with UCLA either as an alumna, an attendee (having attended classes, but did not receive a degree, including Extension), a spouse of an alumnus, a UCLA parent, a UCLA donor, or member of the UCLA Alumni Association.

Active membership shall be defined as participating in a minimum of three (3) Las Donas meetings per year. Attendance at "Morning at UCLA" fulfills a meeting obligation. Under special circumstances and with approval of the Executive Committee, one meeting requirement may be met through alternate service to Las Donas or the University.

Each active member is responsible for one (1) ticket to "MORNING" each year to encourage more participation.

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