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2018 Alumni Association Board Nominations

Nominations are due Jan. 4. Following the evaluation and selection process by the Nominations Committee, recommended candidates will be forwarded to the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors for approval in March 2018.

The UCLA Alumni Association
The UCLA Alumni Association serves the community of more than 540,000 members. Founded in 1934, the Association has a diverse and rich history of bringing alumni together to support the university, its students and each other.

The Alumni Association works in partnership with the University to garner support from alumni. The Association is for all alumni who seek personal, professional and intellectual opportunities, because the UCLA advantage continues beyond graduation. We give alumni access to a vast network of professionals and offer endless opportunities to connect, build relationships, participate and continue to learn from the incredible UCLA community.

The UCLA Alumni Association is seeking enthusiastic and committed alumni who will bring their skills and expertise to the governance of the association, as well as to select campus organizations. Applicants must be UCLA degree holders.

About the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors provides governance, strategic direction and fiduciary oversight for the UCLA Alumni Association. It sets the long-term direction of the organization and oversees approval of the association’s annual budget. The board sets policy and strategy; it does not manage the operations of the organization. Rather, the board entrusts the Associate Vice Chancellor to keep them informed but to effectively manage, staff and supervise the organization. The board accomplishes work through six standing committees, as well as several ad-hoc task forces.

The board is comprised of five officers (board chair, vice chair or chair-elect, treasurer, general counsel and secretary) and 15-20 directors, all of whom must be UCLA degree holders. In addition, there are 11 ex-officio members representing various areas of campus. The AVC, Alumni Affairs serves as a non-voting member of the board and is also a member of the board’s Executive Committee.

Directors serve three-year terms. Officers serve the following: Chair (2 years); Chair-Elect (1 year); Vice Chair (1 year); Treasurer (2 years); Secretary (2 years); General Counsel (2 years).

A listing of the current board members can be found at

Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors accept responsibility for the following:

  • Represent the association’s work and values to the community and act as a spokesperson.
  • Act in the best interest of the organization and excuse themselves from discussions and votes where a conflict of interest exists.
  • Uphold the duty of loyalty and the duty of care by placing the organization’s needs ahead their own and taking care not to bring harm to the organization. Recognize that the Board holds assets for the benefits of the constituencies that they serve.
  • Collaborate in good faith with other Board members and staff as partners towards achievement of organization goals.
  • Attend all Board meetings, retreats and committee meetings to which they are members.
  • Board members must attend a minimum of three Board meetings in a given fiscal year.
  • Serve on at least one Board standing committee or task force.
  • Make a financial gift to UCLA by becoming a Gold Member of the UCLA Alumni Association, at minimum.
  • Recruit up to five new Blue members or donate at least $500 each year to defray Board operation cost.
  • Attend at least two Alumni events throughout the year.
  • Stay informed about what’s going on in the organization; read information provided, think strategically, request additional information and ask questions. Participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on goals, issues, policies and other Board matters.
  • Encourage other alumni to become members; identify volunteers and direct them to the appropriate staff.
  • Are encouraged to make a financial contribution to Alumni Scholarships at a level that is personally meaningful.
  • Advocate for philanthropy among alumni and others toward UCLA.
  • Identify financial resources for the organization.

Time Commitment
The Board meets four times a year. The Board launches the year with a weekend retreat in late summer/early fall; the remaining meetings occur in September, December, March and June and are generally held on a Saturday, usually from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Exact time may vary depending on the agenda.) Additional Board meetings may be scheduled as deemed necessary. Dates/times are subject to change, depending on board and university scheduling requirements.

Each Board member serves on at least one committee or task force. Committees and task forces schedule separate conference calls and meetings as necessary, prior to each Board meeting.

Directors’ participation in key Alumni Association and university events is important. Directors agree to attend at least two Alumni events each year.


In addition to the general responsibilities of directors as noted above, below are specific descriptions for the officer positions.

The treasurer serves as a voting member of the board. S/he chairs the finance committee and serves as a member of the executive committee. While the treasurer does not need to be a CPA, s/he should have a strong finance/financial leadership background and must be able to understand organizational financials.

General Counsel
The general counsel serves as a voting officer of the Board. S/he serves ex officio as a member of the executive committee, the nominations committee, and the governance committee. The general counsel advises the board and the association on governance and other legal matters. The general counsel should have corporate legal experience.

The secretary serves as a voting officer of the Board. S/he is responsible for reviewing and signing off on the Board minutes. The secretary ensures that the seal of this association is kept in safe custody. The position of secretary may, but need not be, held concurrently with one of the other positions on the Board.


About the Alumni Representatives to Campus Boards 

Alumni help manage campus boards responsible for the management of major University organizations. Each Alumni Representative serves a two-year term beginning Summer 2018. In addition to the specific board duties, the Alumni Representatives serve as the board’s liaison to the Alumni Association. Alumni Representatives are required to submit periodic written reports to the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Associated Students, UCLA (ASUCLA)
ASUCLA is an unincorporated, not-for-profit association that has served UCLA since 1919 and includes the UCLA Store, restaurants, student media, student programming, and student government. ASUCLA comprises four interrelated but financially distinct entities: Undergraduate Students Association, Graduate Students Association, Student Media at UCLA and Services & Enterprises. It is governed by a student-majority board. It begins its year with an annual retreat in June and holds regularly scheduled board of directors meetings one Friday afternoon each month. Occasionally, special meetings may be scheduled. Each board member also serves on at least one additional committee, which meets during the daytime once a month. During the first year of this two-year appointment, the alumni representative will serve as a non-voting member. The backgrounds of interested candidates may vary; expertise in business, non-profit management, retail, student services, marketing, e-commerce or web could all be useful to the board. Candidates should enjoy working with students.

Communications Board
Overseeing UCLA’s student media, the Communications Board governs the activities of the Daily Bruin, yearbook, radio station, on-campus television station, various newsmagazines and internet outlets. The Alumni representative attends a summer retreat and monthly meetings throughout the year. The board is seeking an individual with business or management experience to help guide the business matters of student media. Candidates should enjoy working with students and have the ability to serve as a mentor.

John Wooden Center Board of Governors
The John Wooden Center Board of Governors is a student majority committee which is involved in decisions regarding the design and use of as well as policy and operational issues regarding the John Wooden Center, UCLA’s recreation facility.  It primarily addresses questions of use and of access to the facility by the University community. The board meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.  The board is seeking an individual who is engaged in an active lifestyle and understands recreational programs and trends, who understands business, and who is willing to mentor students.