Bringing the Miracle of Sight to Those Overseas
One of the miracles of life is the ability to see: those we love, beautiful scenery and a starry night. There are also the everyday things upon which we depend on our eyesight that we may take for granted: driving, going to the movies, riding a bike, or watching our children play. Thankfully, people in the developed world who are blind have many incredible resources and new technologies to ensure that their quality of life is as fulfilling as all of us who see. In the developing world, however, blindness can mean the difference between life and death. Read More »


A special MAA shout out to Robert Amonic, M.D. ’63, Rebecca Hanson, M.D. ’63, Doris Soghor, M.D’63, Joanne Mogannam, M.D. ’83, and Annie Walling, M.D. ’03 for volunteering as reunion class representatives. Many thanks to David Soghor, M.D. ’63 and his wife, Doris Soghor, M.D. ’63, as well as Breezie Daly, M.D. ’83 and her husband, Artie Southam, M.D. ’83, for hosting their respective class reunions in their homes.

On Nov. 3, A. Eugene Washington, Vice Chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences and Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, will host his annual Alumni and Friends reception in Philadelphia, Pa. If you are attending the AAMC Annual Meeting or will be in the area, please stop by. Event Details »

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In His Own Words
Joseph Copeland, M.D. ’98, is an urban emergency doctor in Vancouver, Canada and clinical assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at University of British Columbia. For the past decade, he has spent a part of each year treating a diverse population, including the Inuit people in the remote Canadian Arctic. Five years ago, he partnered with UCLA to establish a scholarship in International Health to support current medical students with global aspirations. Read More »


George B. Primbs, M.D. ’55, FACS, an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who has conducted research on the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and provides free eye examinations for people with diabetes and the medically underserved at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute since 2005, has been presented the W.D. Sansum Award for distinguished service to the community. The award is named for Dr. William D. Sansum who, in 1922, was the first physician in the United States to manufacture and administer life-saving insulin to a patient with diabetes. Dr. Sansum went on to establish a nationally renowned clinic in Santa Barbara and created Sansum Diabetes Research Institute to carry on his legacy in diabetes research, education and care.

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Various Dates
MAA on the Road

MAA Regional BBQ
5-8 p.m.
Hosted by Ginny and Vance Rodgers, M.D. ’79
San Luis Obispo, Calif.
RSVP by Oct. 15 to Hunnan Pope or 310-825-0988

Nov. 3
Dean’s Alumni and Friends Reception
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Philadelphia Marriot Downtown, Room Franklin 5
Philadelphia, Pa.
RSVP by Oct. 25 to Taylor Zeinert or 310-206-0500