Tactical Emergency Medicine
A life is at stake. Waiting for trained medical support will decrease their colleague’s chances for survival. With some basic medical knowledge, non-medical first responders can improve a victim’s odds for a full recovery. Tactical medicine saves lives by educating and training law enforcement officers in medical procedures, such as tourniquet application, airway management, splinting and wound care. Rushdi Cader, M.D. ’95, Joe Nakagawa, M.D. ’00, and Atilla Uner (UCLA Emergency Medicine 1997 residency graduate), teach lifesaving techniques to local and federal law enforcement officers.
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MAA On The Road
For the past two years the MAA has presented a series of regional gatherings referred to as MAA on the Road. These events are hosted by medical alumni at their homes and provide an opportunity for local alumni to get to know each other in an informal setting at no charge. To assist in the planning of future events, the MAA is investigating alumni interest in hosting an event. Please send an email to if you would like to host.

A special thanks to Amelia Bautista-Vaughn, M.D. ’90 and Philip Vaughn, M.D. ’88 for hosting an MAA on the Road event in Las Vegas in February and Marcia Scott, M.D. ’56 for hosting an event in Cambridge, Mass. Vance Rodgers, M.D. ’79 will host an event in the fall for San Luis Obispo alumni.

On the other hand, if you are on the road and planning to visit UCLA, I invite you to contact me at 310-794-4025 or if you would like a private tour of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.


OML Reflections by Lt. Colonel Laura Pacha, M.D. ’98
It is exciting and even overwhelming, as I reflect on what has happened since I emailed the MAA during my deployment in Iraq. From my request, the MAA created Books Without Borders, now Operation Medical Libraries (OML). Scrolling through the OML blog entries literally brings tears to my eyes. The postings represent a truly grassroots effort and reflect the generosity of so many - from an 18-year-old student who wants to become a doctor, to corporate and university support.
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Malcolm Apt, M.D. ’62 passed away peacefully on April 22 in his home in San Marino, California after battling Alzheimer’s for six years. He was an accomplished surgeon for 43 years and is survived by his wife Edith, five children and five grandchildren.

Neal J. Nesbitt, M.D. ’76 was recently named president of the statewide physicians’ association for 2013-14. Nesbitt delivered a pointed acceptance speech in which he committed to reversing what he declared are harmful government-imposed health care policies and guidelines, which threaten the future of the medical profession.


May 18
UCLA Alumni Day

Oct. 12
Class of 1983 Reunion Dinner

For More Info:Joanne M.

Oct. 17-25
MAA Reunion Cruise

(Classes of 1955-63 and 1988)
For More Info: | 310-206-0613.

Nov. 3
MAA On The Road: Philadelphia

For More Info: Valerie Walker | 310-794-4025.