MAA QUARTERLY, Winter 2014

West Meets East
I have been fascinated with the mysteries of the human body since an early age, which led me to the study of medicine. It wasn’t until later that I discovered my deeper interest in the study and care of the human being—mind, body and spirit—through the vantage point of Eastern medicine.

In college, I was introduced to yoga as well as other Eastern philosophies through religious studies classes, and it resonated deeply with me. Read More »


This time of year presents the perfect opportunity to extend our appreciation for your involvement with UCLA Health Sciences, which helps us further our commitment to groundbreaking research, outstanding education and exceptional patient care.

UCLA celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2019. The milestone offers an occasion to reflect upon all that the University has accomplished and how much more it will achieve. Read More »


In Her Own Words
Recent research links how abuse, neglect and exposure to violence not only affect long-term quality of life, but also directly influence brain development. These factors are compounded in children with developmental disabilities or special needs due to prenatal substance exposure. As a pediatrician serving the most vulnerable populations in San Luis Obispo County, I apply these concepts in my evaluations and treatment to support physical and emotional development. Read More »


Many of the more than 10,000 MAA members are using their professional skills to make the world a better place through medical volunteer service. In the last Bruin, M.D. issue, Harry S. Brown, M.D. (RES ’70), Dorothy Khong, M.D. ’02 (RES ’06), George Primbs, M.D. ’55 (RES ’61) and Richard Yook, M.D. ’72 (RES ’77) were featured for their dedication to restoring vision worldwide through Surgical Eye Expeditions International.

An upcoming Bruin, M.D. issue will feature a few MAA members who volunteer with Global Brigades, a student-led, health and development nonprofit organization, which has 6,100 volunteers from more than 70 university clubs, including UCLA. The organization concentrates its efforts largely within Ghana, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

The MAA is looking for more medical humanitarian organizations with a significant number of MAA members as volunteers to highlight in a future Bruin, M.D. or the Alumni News and Notes section of U Magazine. If you have a story to tell, please email me at


Class of 1983

“Joanne, thank you, thank you for all your hard work. It led to an absolutely fabulous reunion party. It made me remember how incredibly lucky I am to be a part of an amazing group of people.”
- Barbara Andersen, M.D. ’83

“I walked away impressed, very much so with how unique our class was. We were surrounded by sincere, kind, down to earth people who have gone on to make a huge impact on the lives of a lot of patients. They were unpretentious then, and to my delight, have remained so.”
- Dr. Randy Armstrong, M.D. ’83

“Our class of 1983 reunion was a HUGE success! Many thanks to Art Southam and Beezie Daly for their generous hospitality. We were all treated like royalty and everyone was so excited to be there. We reunited with old friends like no time had passed at all. We even had an encore performance of our own class rock band, Deep Fascia!”
- Joanne Mogannam, M.D. ’83

Class of 2003

“The 10 year reunion was a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and see where we have all advanced in our respective medical careers. I am so proud of all of all that we have accomplished.”
- Ashkan Lashkari, M.D. ’03

“We had a great turn-out with over 50 people attending our reunion and it was so great to see everyone! What an amazing group of people who have done amazing things.”
- - Anne Walling, M.D. ’03