MAA QUARTERLY, Winter 2015

A Tale of Two Brothers
Vicente F. Honrubia, M.D. ’90 and Dynio Honrubia, M.D. ’96, (RES ’99), sons of Vicente Honrubia, M.D., DMSc, UCLA Professor Emeritus of ear nose and throat surgery and recipient of the UCLA Medical Alumni Association 2007 Award of Extraordinary Merit, are in South Texas pursuing medical careers in otolaryngology and neonatology. Extremely passionate healthcare providers, Drs. Vincent and Dynio Honrubia felt the Rio Grande Valley was an area in great need of quality healthcare services. Read More »

In His Own Words
Boys State is a summer leadership and citizenship program sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary for high school juniors. Each year, two delegates are selected from each of the 49 American Legion Boys State programs in the United States. These delegates attend the weeklong Boys State in Washington, D.C. Now, rewind the clock back 60 years. It was prior to the Civil Rights Movement and Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. I won the governorship of California Boys’ State and participated in Boys Nation. Read More »


The Fountain of Youth
According to a National Geographic video, “Stress, Portrait of a Killer,” stress can cause hypertension, dementia, and premature death. Obviously, no one can avoid stress completely in modern life. In actuality, a certain level of stress is essential for normal daily functioning. However, excessive stress is linked to overeating, insomnia, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and myriad other health problems. So instead of pounding the table or yelling at your loved ones, just take a deep breath and a quick five second "mental vacation" and you can make the rest of your life much more bearable. Read More »


Our deepest thanks to the many alumni who generously support the school and today’s medical students through philanthropy. In December alone, alumni contributed more than $35,000 toward MAA Scholarships, the Aesculapians, and the new Teaching and Learning Center. A substantial increase in the number of donors led to a more than 250% increase in dollars raised though our annual year-end giving campaign. As a result, 30 classes moved closer to their $100,000 scholarship endowment goal and seven classes built upon their existing endowments to provide even more support for exceptional students. Each gift made between now and 2019 counts toward The Centennial Campaign for UCLA—a $4.2-billion initiative to commemorate the university’s 100th year. For more information about giving to UCLA, please contact Laura Pescatore, director of development, at or (310) 825-1288.