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Alumnae Sip & Share Series: Genever

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Date and Time

Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, 7 p.m. PDT - 8 p.m. PDT



In this piece of the series, we will be featuring Genever. The three UCLA alumnae took a leap together when they opened the sanctuary that is, Genever. An absolute powerhouse combination of UCLA alumnae who took a leap so many years ago, are now owners of the limitlessly empowering Filipina-owned bar that offers a taste of the three owners’ heritage. Roselma ’96, Christine ’98, and Patricia ’98 (Red Capiz Partners) have known each other for over two decades, since their UCLA years. The three individually had already built successful careers in different industries but they all soon realized they had complementary skills and that they had a story to tell together. They built Genever with an eye to elevate the work of women, particularly women of color. With inclusivity as their watchword, they have striven to make it the most hospitable and welcoming bar to all people in LA.

Genever offers almost 50 different gins and isn’t just a women-owned bar, but also a Filipina-owned bar built to remind the world of hard liquor that women can hang too! The goal for Genever was to create a space where a woman can go in by herself and feel comfortable; keeping in mind that they loved to travel when they’d go out, and they were always able to remember those spaces where they felt comfortable coming in as a woman and enjoying the space and the environment.

After crowdsourcing an incredible amount of $30k they began the process of creating the bar many know and love today. Genever is always actively involved with social justice issues, associations, and movements reminding everyone they are more than just another bar.

Strong advocates of UCLA & its mission, they credit their time at the university for reminding them to be proud women of color, and to carve their own paths when others tried to limit them all while encouraging them to also lift up others so that they too might realize their full potential.

The “Red Capiz Partners” do everything they can to always make their message clear to those who take the time to listen, “Genever isn’t just a woman-owned business; it’s a woman-created business.”

Join us as we showcase Genever, The “Red Capiz Partners” welcome you to join them as they take you on a special tour of Genever itself! In addition to a live drink demo, they’ll also tell us about what it takes to be so successfully influential in their work, and help us understand the way they were able to so effectively support & empower their community using the space they created.

If you’d like to find out more about this years 2021 UCLA Alumnae Sip & Share Series, please visit our website here.


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