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The Discursive Art of China’s Colonialism: Reconfiguring Tibetan and State Identities

The Discursive Art of China's Colonialism: Reconfiguring Tibetan and State Identities

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Nov. 5, noon PST






This event will be a lecture by Dawa T. Lokyitsang who is a Ph.D. candidate in the field of cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA. She is currently in the midst of her dissertation research on the establishment of sovereignty in exile by the Tibetan refugee collective through the development of their own educational institutions in India.

In this talk, Lokyitsang considers the overarching question, how do present forms of colonialisms persist in what is presumed to be the ‘post’ colonial era? Furthermore, she considers this question through the framework of Tibet and China and asks, how is China’s current relationship to Tibet understood as state and subject, rather than colonizer and colonized?

Through a careful examination of China’s different and successive government’s discursive and rhetorical mechanisms, she explores how Tibetan identity is reinvented and state identity modified to construct Tibet in China’s national imagination as part of China.

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