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Start Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020 - End Tuesday, June 30, 2020



One year ago, plans for the 2020 Alumnae Conference were interrupted, but roadblocks do not stop Bruins. Meet us online as we build a strong and supportive sisterhood focused on elevating UCLA alumnae. The new reimagined UCLA Alumnae Sip & Share Series aims to build an empowered network of women that choose to uplift alumnae. Part one of our series will be on Feb. 26, followed by 2 more parts ultimately coming to an end with the finale to the series happening on June 30. This year’s series focuses on the optimistic, creative and innovative spirit of our Bruin women. The creation of this online series is a response to the regularly programmed UCLA Alumnae conference being postponed due to the pandemic.

Help get the conversation started by telling us what’s on your mind. Register now and share your ideas for where we go from here. This community is a respectful and safe online space where perspectives are appreciated.

The inaugural sessions have been planned to accommodate varying schedules in anticipation of an ongoing series. Expect a lively colloquium on timely topics enhanced by the experience and wisdom of alumni and UCLA experts. Select a favorite teacup, tumbler or mug to sip from and join an ongoing discussion of discovery as we build systems of support for all alumnae.

I you'd like to find out more about this years 2021 UCLA Alumnae Sip & Share Series, please visit our website here.

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