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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to be persuaded? If you love to throw a great dinner party or just want to meet students and faculty, this is your chance. If you’re hesitating for any reason, let us rule out your “but…” options.

“But I live too far away.”

Local Hosts: Local hosts must live within a 30-minute drive from UCLA, but there is another option. Consider co-hosting a dinner at another person’s home. Or go to a restaurant as Na and Foster did. “It’s a lot more fun to do it with someone else,” says Foster. Dinner organizers at UCLA will help match co-hosts with hosts. Then the co-hosts decide how to share all aspects of the preparation, serving, cleanup, and costs of the meal.
Regional Hosts: Now, there’s no such thing as being too far away from UCLA to participate. Once you have signed up as a host, Alumni Association staff will strive to recruit area alumni to attend your dinner.

“But my house is too small.”

Can’t accommodate 12? How about 6? You can choose how many people you’d like at your dinner, depending on the size of your home and the style of your dinner. Foster and Na had seven students at their dinner, while Brock sometimes has up to 25. “This year we cut it back a little because there was no place left to sit,” he says.

“But I can’t/don’t like to cook.”

Students are just happy with food and great company.  Some hosts create delicious homemade meals, while others choose to pick up party platters. If cooking isn’t your forté, try a take-out theme. There’s really only one requirement – you should be able to accommodate vegetarians. Just make sure to have a few dishes that aren’t “meat lovers” only.

“But I work late.”

All dinners are on Saturdays or Sundays, and your dinner can begin at any time. While 6 p.m. is the “default” start time, you may choose to begin earlier or later, keeping in mind that a typical dinner will last two to three hours.

“But I don’t have a lot of time.”

To best accommodate your schedule, you have three dates to choose from. If just one of them works for you, students would love to meet you. Most planning is taken care of by staff and students. We figure out where, when and who goes – you simply have to say what you want and then check for RSVPs. Easy, right?