Journey through Vietnam
JAN. 5-19, 2023
Asia Moderate Activity Land
Dazzling Down Under
JAN. 14-30, 2023
Oceania UCLA faculty Mild Activity Cruise
Expedition to Antarctica
JAN. 17-30, 2023
Polar Regions UCLA faculty Active Cruise
Sold Out
New Zealand Adventure
FEB. 2-17, 2023
Oceania Moderate Activity Land
Passage through the Panama Canal and Costa Rica
FEB. 3-11, 2023
South / Central America Moderate Activity Cruise
United Arab Emirates
FEB. 3-12, 2023
Middle East Moderate Activity Land
Wolves & Wildlife of Yellowstone
FEB. 3-12, 2023
North America / Caribbean Moderate Activity Land
Egypt & the Eternal Nile
FEB. 6-20, 2023
Africa Moderate Activity Land River Cruise
Israel, Land of Cultural Treasures
MAR. 18-27, 2023
Middle East Moderate Activity Land
Exploring Australia & New Zealand
MAR. 25 - APR. 15, 2023
Oceania Moderate Activity Land
Mt Fuji with Cherry blossoms
Blossoming Japan
APR. 11-22, 2023
Asia UCLA faculty Mild Activity Cruise
New Zealand Adventure II
APR. 13-28, 2023
Oceania Moderate Activity Land
Insider’s Japan
APR. 15-27, 2023
Asia Moderate Activity Land
Dutch Waterways
APR. 21-29, 2023
Europe Moderate Activity River Cruise
Paradores & Pousadas
APR. 24 - MAY 8, 2023
Europe Moderate Activity Land
Romance of the Douro River
MAY 20-31, 2023
Europe Mild Activity River Cruise
Ancient Greece
JUN. 7-20, 2023
Africa Moderate Activity Land
Imperial Journey
JUN. 11-23, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Mild Activity Land
Circumnavigation of Iceland
JUN. 17-25, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Cruise
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
JUN. 20-24, 2023
North America / Caribbean UCLA faculty Mild Activity Land
Machu Picchu to the Galápagos
JUL. 4-19, 2023
South / Central America Moderate Activity Land
Discover-Southeast-Alaska Group Photo
Discover Southeast Alaska
JUL. 7-14, 2023
North America / Caribbean Moderate Activity Cruise
Majestic Switzerland
JUL. 19-28, 2023
Europe Moderate Activity Land
Cotswold’s Escape
JUL. 20-28, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
Medieval Montage – Baltics & Scandinavia
AUG. 1-12, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Mild Activity Cruise
Exploring Iceland
AUG. 10-20, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
Sicily in Depth
AUG. 24 - SEP. 4, 2023
Africa Moderate Activity Land
Grand Danube Passage
AUG. 28 - SEP. 12, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Mild Activity River Cruise
SEP. 2-10, 2023
Europe Moderate Activity Land
Belem Tower
Across Spain & Portugal
SEP. 5-21, 2023
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
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Mild Activity

Easy Pace, little walking and stair climbing

Moderate Activity

Faster pace, substantial distances covered, long walks, city walking tours over uneven walking surfaces and stair climbing.


Vigorous pace, frequent movement, extensive walking over uneven walking surfaces, hiking, embarking and disembarking Zodiac watercraft and lack of handicap facilities