Almost Sold Out
Journey to Southern Africa
MAR. 9-24, 2025
Africa UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land Train
Finland - Arctic Magnificence
APR. 1-9, 2025
Europe Moderate Activity Land
Istanbul & the Turquoise Coast
MAY 4-14, 2025
Europe Moderate Activity Land Cruise
Montenegro & the Bay of Kotor plus Dubrovnik
MAY 26 - JUN. 3, 2025
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
Sold Out
The Charm of the Amalfi Coast
JUN. 11-19, 2025
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
Enchanting Gems of Austria: Graz & Salzburg
AUG. 27 - SEP. 5, 2025
Europe Moderate Activity Land
Easy Company: England to the Eagle’s Nest
SEP. 8-20, 2025
Europe Moderate Activity Land
SEP. 24 - OCT. 2, 2025
Europe UCLA faculty Moderate Activity Land
Vienna: Art of Living
OCT. 9-31, 2025
Europe Moderate Activity Land
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Mild Activity

Easy Pace, little walking and stair climbing

Moderate Activity

Faster pace, substantial distances covered, long walks, city walking tours over uneven walking surfaces and stair climbing.


Vigorous pace, frequent movement, extensive walking over uneven walking surfaces, hiking, embarking and disembarking Zodiac watercraft and lack of handicap facilities