UCLA ONE Sign-In Process

UCLA ONE has updated its sign-in process on May 10, 2022 to provide further data protection of its members. Please follow this simple process to re-register your information. Note to previous users: This is a new process which resets your login credentials. If done correctly, your profile will not change and your new sign-in will lead you back to the platform without issue.

Step 1: Click on “Sign in” and then “Sign on with UCLA ONE Portal.”

Step 2: IMPORTANT: Please click “Sign up” even if you have an existing account.

Step 3: Select which method you’d like to establish your sign-in.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Email + Phone Number

Step 4: You will be sent a verification number by email to enter into the sign-in process.

Step 5: The new sign-in process will match you to your UCLA record.

If it cannot be matched, you will be asked to submit additional information to match your identity to your UCLA ONE account. If you share your email with a spouse, you will need to select which person is signing into the UCLA ONE profile.

Step 6: Upon identification, you will be directed back to the UCLA ONE platform.

For New Users Only ꟷ Continue to Step 7

Step 7:

Fill out the UCLA ONE Profile information from grad year to degree. You will then be directed to add in professional information that will be made public on your UCLA ONE profile. (If you use LinkedIn, you can sync your LinkedIn account to populate your employment information.)

Step 8:

(Optional) Select how you would like to provide and receive help on the UCLA ONE platform.

Step 9:

You are all done! Start connecting with alumni and students today!

For questions, contact ace@support.ucla.edu.

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