Bruin Business 100 Profiles - 2024

Gorilla Marketing proudly presents the Bruin Business 100 which recognizes exceptional UCLA alumni entrepreneurs. These alumni are founders, owners and visionaries in business that have inspired innovation and expanded the Bruin network.

Thank you to our presenting partner Gorilla Marketing, and our partner Town & Country for their support of Bruin Business 100.

Accelerated Behavioral Change, Inc

ABC Inc., our mission is to provide the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis services to promote behavioral change that will help children with autism and other related disorders achieve their fullest potential. We know that every child is unique, and that is why we tailor specific programs based on each child’s unique needs and provide services grounded in evidence-based practice.

Honoree(s): Sam Koutal '95

Active Membranes

Active Membranes is innovating the future of fresh water accesability by redefining the technology used in membrane desalination.

Honoree(s): Arian Edalat, Cert. '16; Eric M.V. Hoek '96, Cert. '14; Richard Wolfen, M.B.A. '83; David Jassby

AHN Foundation

AHN Foundation was born from our CEO, Alicia Coulter’s desire to provide life-saving health education and equitable access to health navigation services to the Black community. With over 10 years of experience working in healthcare, Alicia has witnessed several marginalized families lose their loved ones due to medical racism, as there was a lack of attention to saving Black lives. Alicia decided to leave the hospital and managed care altogether while focusing on using her experience in community-based work.

Honoree(s): Alicia Coulter, M.P.H. '20

Archive Rentals

Archive is an event rental company headquartered in Southern California with branches serving Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Orange County and all surrounding areas as well as Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula. From humble beginnings to trusted event rental partner for the world's top personalities and brands, Archive has been setting the bar in the events world since 2010 by leading with love for our craft, our clients, and our team.

Honoree(s): Rochelle Jaleh '06; Ryan Jaleh '05, M.B.A. '11


Joshua is the founder and CEO of Ardius, a SaaS platform that was acquired by Gusto for its ability to codify the Internal Revenue Code and determine whether any tax credits have been missed/maximized. Prior to Ardius, Joshua was a senior executive at Ernst & Young (13.5+ years), and helped lead their West Coast Practice for Quantitative Services. He is the former founder/managing partner of Two Coins Group and VentureTwelve, two venture building studios that focused on developing many MVPs (minimal viable products), and then spinning out the most promising ideas into companies (23 investments, 9+ exits). He currently is a venture partner/advisor/scout at Westwood Ventures (Alumni Ventures), Luma Capital, Mucker Lab, and Gumshoe Ventures. Joshua's family office invests in early stage companies and serves on the (advisory) board for many start-ups, including OrderGuru, Xrossworld, ServiceMob, and ClassChat.

Honoree(s): Joshua Lee '00

Atala Financial

Atala Financial, founded by an Anderson professor and triple Bruin, is an independent Wealth Management firm dedicated to providing customized, comprehensive wealth management solutions. We empower clients to reach their financial ambitions with tax-efficient, customized investment strategies. Our services include investments, business management, comprehensive financial planning, tax consulting, philanthropy planning, and foundation management.

Honoree(s): Shawn Patt '00, M.B.A. '07

Athlete To Athlete

Athlete To Athlete offers Athletic Mentorship Programs for youth athletes. In our programs, youth student-athlete are paired with a current Division 1 College-Athlete Mentors who plays their sport, and can help build their confidence and take their game to the next level. We work with youth athletes ages 8-18 and have a network of thousands of Division 1 Athlete Mentors across the country; especially UCLA Bruins!

Honoree(s): Anthony Waller '23; Zach Maisus

Athos Therapeutics

Athos Therapeutics Inc., is an artificial intelligence software and clinical stage biotech company developing Precision Therapeutics for Autoimmune Diseases & Cancer. It was founded by Dimitrios Iliopoulos, Allan J. Pantuck and Michael Jung. Athos has developed an autonomous AI Computational Platform able to analyze and integrate patient molecular and clinical data and identify in an unbiased way new drug targets for different human diseases. The ATH-063 Clinical Program is a first-in-class oral drug for IBD and other autoimmune diseases, which has been developed from concept to Phase I in a remarkably short period of 3.5 years.

Honoree(s): Dimitrios Iliopoulos, M.B.A. '15

Azimut Alternative Capital Partners

Azimut Alternative Capital Partners is the GP stakes business of Azimut Group SpA. Headquartered in New York, we are a private equity firm investing in lower middle market private markets businesses ($500mm-$3bbnAUM).

Honoree(s): Jeffry Brown '81

Ballast Point Financial Planning

Ballast Point Financial Planning provides tax, financial planning, and investment management services to young professionals with equity compensation. We provide tax preparation services and forward-looking tax advice. Through our financial planning services, we help align your money with your core values.

Honoree(s): Shawn Tydlaska '04

Besa Wines, Inc.

Besa mi Vino is a pioneering, health and sustainability focused wine brand. Focused on crafting wines and RTD wine cocktails that are organic, SIP Certified, vegan, and gluten-free, Besa mi Vino caters to a health-conscious and environmentally aware audience.

Honoree(s): Victoria Brodsky, M.B.A. '17; Jessica Goodall '23; Ella Harrington '23


Bevz is on a mission to power the snack and drink industry at a hyper local level, through convenience stores. The Bevz platform helps convenience stores stock the products their customers want, and easily sell those products in-store and online. Bevz has helped thousands of convenience stores across the U.S. manage and grow their business.

Honoree(s): Jason Vego, F.E.M.B.A. '22

Bloomlife Inc.

Bloomlife is a women's health company solving the most significant yet underserved global challenges in maternal health. We combine connected devices with data analytics to increase access to care, reassure and empower moms, and provide doctors with information to more effectively manage pregnancy complications. At the center of our solution is a state-of-the-art prenatal wearable that tracks critical health parameters of maternal and fetal health. By addressing modifiable risk factors, detecting abnormalities, and predicting adverse events Bloomlife aims to ensure every family gets a healthy start.

Honoree(s): Eric Dy, Ph.D. '08

Blueprint Test Prep

Blueprint is a leading personalized learning platform focused on higher ed and professional training. We help aspiring students across healthcare and legal fields achieve their career dreams. We focus on engaging and efficient experiences with the best team of educators around.

Honoree(s): Matthew Riley '03

Brownhaze Jewelry

Brownhaze Jewelry, established in 2017, specializes in crafting exquisite jewelry and clothing that seamlessly incorporates the natural beauty of our surroundings. We offer a diverse range of unique and sustainable pieces that can be worn by individuals of all genders. Our core mission is to create a deep connection between individuals and the environment through our designs. We believe that beauty can be found all around us, even in the things we choose to wear.

Honoree(s): Leonora Brown '80


At BTG, we're a leading insurance brokerage founded by former executives boasting over three decades of combined industry experience. With an extensive office network, we ensure comprehensive and efficient coverage, prioritizing our clients' peace of mind. What sets us apart is our innovative approach and close client relationships, delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service marked by efficiency, professionalism, and personalized attention.

Honoree(s): Fernando Carroll De La Torre Aranda, M.B.A. '08

Bull Oak

A San Diego-based fiduciary financial advisor who believes data-driven planning and pragmatic investing provide the best opportunity for financial success. You work hard for your money. We’ll work hard to help you capitalize on what you’ve earned.

Honoree(s): Ryan Hughes, M.B.A. '14

Butter Lab

Butter-Lab aims to delight the palate in a fun, fresh, and whimsical manner. We believe sharing food is a very special way of bringing people together. Our hope is that in sharing flavors and desserts from a variety of cultures and countries, we can help people see the world through a wider (and more delicious!) lens!

Honoree(s): Annie Chapman '14

Chile del Abuelo

Family-owned and handcrafted in El Sereno, CA, Chile del Abuelo is a chile (hot sauce) company that offers unique, classic-tasting sauces from recipes passed down in our family for four generations. Enjoy our family tradition, with yours!

Honoree(s): Dylan Luna '19

Citadel EHS

Citadel EHS is a market-leading, employee-owned Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) consulting firm that understands how the ‘built environment’ is developed, operated, occupied, and, eventually, deconstructed. Citadel EHS is dedicated to protecting the employees that build and occupy those structures and the environment in which they sit. We provide unique, integrative approaches to Environmental, Health, and Safety and Sustainability challenges for the entire life cycle of a project—from concept to completion, design to development.

Honoree(s): Loren Witkin '89

Cóndor Center Inc.

CONDOR CENTER INC. is a group private practice for holistic health to promote stability in your life; we offer bilingual mental health related services such as: therapy, coaching, clinical supervision, consultations and will soon start offering retreats in Peru. CONDOR CENTER is not only specialized in supporting military folks through trauma but has created community and made an impact through the use of psychedelic integration as a way of wholesome and holistic healing for all. We do this through the use of animal assisted therapy, a trauma informed lense and a safe approach that is sex/ kink positive and LGBTQ+ affirming.

Honoree(s): Joanna Amenero '13

Conservation Opportunity, Inc.

Conservation Opportunity is a Puerto Rican nonprofit organization that has the mission of connecting people with opportunities for professional and personal growth and development within environmental conservation. It has the goal of educating the public about the different ways in which they can care for the environment, whether through paid or volunteer work, educational workshops, beach cleanups, restoration of native and endemic populations, farm work with agroforestry practices, among others. The vision is to eventually offer paid internship positions to send people to gain work experience with different environmental entities/organizations around the Island, as paid opportunities within environmental conservation are scarce on the archipelago.

Honoree(s): Fabiola B. Torres-Toledo, M.S. '21

Core Conditioning

We integrate the worlds of medical science whole body fitness and lifetime wellness. Out staff of passionate professionals brings diverse skills and backgrounds, includings Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Neurological Rehab and osteopathic Techniques.

Honoree(s): Allyson Cabot '88; Gabrielle Shrier '91

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles

The mission of Counseling Partners of Los Angeles is to serve at-risk and under-served students living in Los Angeles by providing a low-cost, school-based program that delivers essential counseling and support services students need in order to grow toward their full potential emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. CPLA is a leading partner in working to strengthen school communities, by providing services that create hope, empowerment and success for all students and their families. We believe that our volunteer counselors are our greatest assets and act as the driving force for positive change in our organization and in supporting our students, families and school communities.

Honoree(s): Therese Funk '79


CrewLAB is a sports team management platform for high school and collegiate endurance sports founded by a team of Bruin athletes and coaches. Trusted by thousands of team leaders around the world, CrewLAB turns average teams into unstoppable crews. It gives you everything you need — a shared team space and tools that you give a competitive edge while building off what already works for your team.

Honoree(s): Dominic Pardini '18; Simon Hoadley; David Kerns '17, M.S. '22; Peter Frederick '19; John Chou '19; Tim Maytom '15; Mitchell Sutter '24

Democracy Investments

Democracy Investments is an asset management firm dedicated to providing investors with investment strategies that support the growth of democracy globally. The firm's Democracy International Fund ETF (ticker DMCY) has over a three year track record and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Fund's simple international index strategy over weights in democracies and under weights in authoritarian states. Vote with your dollars and diversify with democracy!

Honoree(s): Julie Cane, M.B.A. '97

Dr. Dara Goldberg, PhD

Therapy for women facing loss, grief or major life changes. Within transformation is your capacity to live true to your soul's path. This short-term, highly focused therapy is a safe and sacred space for you to become who you are meant to be, after whatever you have been through. Align to your soul's purpose and live your full potential.

Honoree(s): Dr. Dara Goldberg '00

Dr. Pamela Abramson-Levine, Prenatal & Pediatric Family Practice Non-Force Chiropractor, IBCLC

Helping you live your healthiest life, naturally.” From the womb to the golden senior years, Dr. Abramson-Levine (Dr. A) will help you to reach your full potential! Dr. A. has been practicing since 1993. Adult and pediatric patients receive pain relief, improved mobility, improved digestion, better nutrition, breastfeeding assistance, relief from allergies and sensitivities, relief from common discomforts of pregnancy, improved nervous system function, and a more balanced immune system through gentle chiropractic adjustments, Ayurveda, herbal remedies, homeopathy, nutritional counseling, lactation consultations, and therapeutic/rehabilitative exercise.

Honoree(s): Dr. Pamela Abramson-Levine '89

ECG Marketing

ECG Marketing is a luxury marketing consultancy known for authentic storytelling and engaging targeted audiences. Founded by FEMBA ’09 alum Thuy-Anh Nguyen, a brand marketing executive with over 15+ years in luxury marketing with senior roles at LVMH, Remy Cointreau, and J Brand Jeans. ECG advises global brands on strategy, consumer engagement, and cultural marketing. ECG is known for its expertise in luxury & culture, and has worked with brands across the fashion and entertainment industries including Amazon Music, Louis Vuitton, NFL Player’s Association, Glenfiddich, and Wavelength Productions. In 2023, ECG’s first film client “Let Me Be Me” received an Emmy nomination for "Best Documentary Feature.” ECG Marketing is proud to have developed the branding, marketing, and FYC campaign for the film which has won 17 international awards to date. Culture, Communication, and Community lie at the heart of all ECG Marketing does.

Honoree(s): Thuy-Anh Nguyen, F.E.M.B.A. '09

Electro Scan Inc.

Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc. is a pioneer in cleantech startups and private equity investments. With over 40 years in the water business, Hansen's most recent startup, Electro Scan, is deploying machine-intelligent devices that automatically detects the pipe materials of buried water service lines. Capable of identifying copper, galvanized, plastic, and lead pipes, Electro Scan has taken the center stage for replace all lead water service lines at U.S. homes, businesses, schools, and day care facilities. A musician with his own recording studio, Hansen also has played Baritone Sax, with Huey Lewis and the News, Toby Keith, and Tower of Power.

Honoree(s): Charles Hansen, M.B.A. '82

Feet First Eventertainment

Feet First Eventertainment creates and produces unique team building events for companies all over the United States. Since starting the company as UCLA students in 1988, the Cloutier brothers have grown Feet First to offer hundreds of different themed activities focusing on interaction and, most importantly, FUN. From large offsite experiences to impactful community service projects, and even virtual team building events, Feet First brings the perfect mix of energy and professionalism to boost morale, improve collaboration, and provide any group an experience they will remember for years to come. It’s amazing how much you can learn about your colleagues in just a few hours of play!

Honoree(s): Kevin Cloutier '92; Dave Cloutier '91

Fit Kids America

Fit Kids America is an enrichment program specializing in after-school classes, lunch-time plays, seasonal camps, and more! Our mission is to MAKE FITNESS FUN by incorporating movement and physical activities through our programs. By incorporating movement at a young age, chances are they will stay active into adulthood.

Honoree(s): Caitlin Cunningham '19, M.B.A. '26

Franco Law Group, APLC

For over 14 years, FLG has brought dignity and integrity to the representation of immigrants! One client at a time, we provide stability, a sense of belonging and normalcy in the United States. Committed to excellence, our activist team fight every day for a more equitable society where immigrants’ contributions are recognized and becoming an intricate and essential part of the American fabric. At Franco Law Group our mission is to be the finest immigration law firm in the United States by providing a powerful defense for immigrants that are unjustly marginalized and ensure they receive the dignified and excellent legal representation they deserve.

Honoree(s): Delia Lorena Franco, J.D. '06

Friendly Bee Game Company

Friendly Bee Game Company is a board game publishing company dedicated to bringing people closer together through shared experiences in gaming. Our flagship game Widgets n' Digit$ is dedicated to the entrepreneurship experience. We hope that by showing the strategic decisions in growing a business in a fun and simple way we can inspire others to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

Honoree(s): Joseph Bugbee, M.B.A. '21; Alex Cheng, M.B.A. '22

Furiosa Flowers

Furiosa Flowers is a woman-founded creative floral design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in contemporary sculptural floral arrangements for a wide range of events, weddings, editorial shoots and everyday orders. Furiosa Flowers specializes in curating flowers for unique modern arrangements and large scale installations, leveraging storytelling and a bold sense of style to create memorable and exciting designs. We thrive on building relationships with our community, understanding our clients' visions, and bringing them to life. Furiosa Flowers is available for weddings and events throughout Southern California and beyond.

Honoree(s): Marie Dufort, F.E.M.B.A. '20

geCKo Materials PBC

geCKo Materials is a bio-inspired Dry Adhesive that is ultra-strong, reusable, leaves no residue, and requires no force to detach. This enables current solutions to revolutionize while being cost saving and energy efficient. This also opens up new applications in industrial automation, robotic gripping, space & defense and more. Unlimited possibilities currently in use on the International Space Station and by Honda, Ford, GE!

Honoree(s): Capella Kerst, M.S. '14

Gem Surprise Box

Welcome to Gem Surprise Box, your personal source for fine natural mineral specimens! Grow your mineral collection and knowledge with every box. Our products focus on gemological and mineralogical education through the experience of owning natural gemstone and mineral specimens. We believe everyone should have access to the world’s finest natural wonders regardless of their geographical location or experience and look forward to helping you start or expand your personal mineral collection. Visit today to get started!

Honoree(s): Christine Lopez '15; Steven Ibbotson '15

Genesis Psychiatric Solutions

Genesis Psychiatric Solutions, led by Dr. Ifeanyi Olele, champions a comprehensive approach to mental health care in Fairfax, Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Licensed across CA, DC, FL, MD, and VA, Dr. Olele offers both in-person and virtual consultations, with a focus on treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, and leveraging Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treatment-resistant conditions at Genesis TMS and Wellness ( Our mission emphasizes empowering patients through holistic practices, ensuring accessible, long-term mental health solutions.

Honoree(s): Ifeanyi Olele '04

Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management

Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management is an independent investment advisor. Located in Santa Monica, GK manages over $2.6 Billion in assets under management as of 12/31/23, with a team of almost thirty advisors committed to building long-standing relationships throughout every phase of a client's life. At GK, we take immense pride in our LA roots, which is why we consider ourselves to be community builders who work toward developing a better future for our wonderful city.

Honoree(s): Bryan Miranda '08; Ayal Shmilovich '04; Zachary Bainter '05; Danilo Kawasaki, Cert. '10; Robert Castillo '08; Nico Anduze '08

Gift of the Nile

Gift of the Nile is a spiritual wellness brand rooted in ancient Egyptian rituals. We offer products and services that nourish the soul, body, and home. Our mission is to bring micro-moments of healing to people who are overworked and overconnected, through high-quality products, community, enriching experiences and engaging content.

Honoree(s): Tamerri Ater, M.B.A. '23

Goodman Technologies LLC

Goodman Technologies custom designs and manufactures Nanocomposites for Extreme Environments tailored to user requirements for Sea, Air, Space, and Land applications: Hypersonics, Radiation Shielding, Deep Cryo, Ballistic, Optical Sensor Systems, Green Power. When you need Extreme Performance You Better Call Goodman.

Honoree(s): William Goodman, M.S. '91, Ph.D. '95

Gorilla Marketing

Gorilla Marketing provides custom-branded merchandise to companies, organizations and institutions in order to create awareness, introduce their service or product and reward their internal employees. This includes, but is not limited to, traditional promotional products like T-shirts, keychains and pens, but often extends to awards and recognition products, as well as uniforms. In addition to this, we often assist by way of warehousing and fulfillment services for marketing initiatives and product launches.

Honoree(s): Chris Arranaga '82, M.B.A. '85

Heartship Psychological Services

Dr. Lauren Cook, licensed Clinical Psychologist, founded Heartship Psychological Services to support adults, teens, and couples who are struggling with anxiety, life transitions, and relationship challenges. Providing both in-person and virtual services to clients, this therapy practice is multiculturally-minded, evidence-based, and future-focused to help clients feel empowered in their decisions and their relationships. Helping clients find heart through the hardships is what this practice is all about and we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to heal.

Honoree(s): Dr. Lauren Cook '13

Hiller Enterprise, Inc.

At Hiller Enterprise we take pride in helping families meet their financial opportunities Specializing in Business Management, Taxes and Real Estate Investment. Hiller Enterprise provides entrepreneurs, real estate investors, families and individuals with 1 on 1 guidance to help establish a secure financial future. Hiller Enterprise brings unique financial opportunities to families, entrepreneurs, real estate investors and individuals. Please follow us on Social Media at the links below. Also, check out our website at or click on the Twitter icon since we don’t have Twitter. Contact us to set up a meeting!

Honoree(s): Michael Hiller, Cert. '16

Hundley Foundation

The Hundley Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children and families in need, focusing on health, wellness, and education initiatives. The Foundations vision is to create a world where everyone belongs, where all children and families have access to resources necessary to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Honoree(s): Brett Hundley '11

InCharge Energy

InCharge Energy is the leading electric charging partner for fleet vehicles and dealers. The company provides comprehensive services including engineering, planning, installation, maintenance, and monitoring, in addition to charging hardware and software. Its clients include Pepsico, UPS, FedEx, General Motors, Nissan, Blue Bird, and Sysco.

Honoree(s): Terry O'Day, M.B.A. '24; Kristine Do-Vu '21

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs

IMW has served the Los Angeles area since 1943 when it was first organized by retired Superior Court Judge, Earl C. Broady, Sr. The firm became Ivie and McNeill in 1980 after Judge Charles R. Scarlett and Judge Robert L. Roberson, Jr. received their judicial appointments. Thereafter, the firm name was changed to Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt in 1991 and became Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs in 2019. IMW is a certified minority business enterprise.We are problem solvers and trial attorneys. IMW enjoys an excellent reputation for aggressively and efficiently litigating matters in state and federal courts. We are versatile. IMW also offers transactional, investigative and counseling services in various practice areas. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, our attorneys provide clients with comprehensive service underscored by our unmatched legal analysis and writing skills. Over our 80-year history, we have presented clients of all kinds, giving us a rich understanding of the law and allowing us to anticipate our opponent’s strategy in every case.

Honoree(s): Rodney Diggs '05; Rickey Ivie '73, J.D. '77; Keith Wyatt, J.D. '77

JA Coaching

Jessie Arora is a Leadership Coach focused on empowering women (mainly startup founders, business leaders, moms and women of color) to redefine their own versions of success and live in alignment with their values. Prior to coaching she spent 15+ years focused on the intersection of education and technology with experiences at Google, Citizen Schools & the first Executive Director of Learn more, read testimonials and sign up for a free 30-min Discovery Session at

Honoree(s): Jessie Arora '02

Jiant Hard Tea

Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles by Larry Haertel Jr. and Aaron Telch, Jiant (Spelled Wrong, Tastes Right) stands as a pioneer in the modern alcohol industry, offering flavorful, junk-free beverages. Our gluten-free products, including hard teas, kombuchas, and cocktail-inspired drinks, are crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients and available across the U.S. Recently, Jiant became Climate Neutral Certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainability by offsetting and reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating plastic from our production. This underscores our pledge to offer products that align with consumer values and environmental stewardship. Follow along @drinkjiant or visit to learn more.

Honoree(s): Larry Haertel Jr, M.B.A. '15

LightWerks Communication Systems, Inc.

For over 25 years, LightWerks has been designing, installing, maintaining, and supporting audio visual solutions for a variety of commercial, education, state and local government, and federal customers. LightWerks helps people connect and communicate through the integration of audio visual technologies. As AV design and integration specialists, we work closely with customers to identify needs and create custom solutions that support specific objectives that align with their vision.

Honoree(s): David Riberi, M.B.A. '93

Lisa PR

In 2012, Lisa Elkan founded Lisa PR, a Marketing & Public Relations consulting firm for professionals and small businesses, with a niche in legal marketing. Lisa PR clients have been featured everywhere from the LA Times to the Wall Street Journal. Lisa PR clients have received numerous honors and awards, from Billboard Magazine, Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, LA Business Journal, Daily Journal, U.S. News, and many more. Lisa believes her years of experience coupled with how much she cares about her clients is what sets her apart from others in this space. More specifically, the merging of her personal and professional values and goals. The firm tagline is, “At Lisa PR: Our Business is Getting You Business” and Lisa’s personal motto is “Always do your best and be a good person.”

Honoree(s): Lisa Elkan '03

Little Justice Leaders

Little Justice Leaders is on a mission to help families and educators teach elementary students about social justice. Our monthly subscription box brings fun, age-appropriate learning materials for kids, covering topics such as anti-racism, gender identity, and environmental sustainability. Our program for schools provides resources, support, and a standards-aligned curriculum rooted in diversity, inclusion, and justice.

Honoree(s): Shelby Kretz, Ph.D. '23


LooseEnds offers consulting services and digital products to support families with legacy planning and settling affairs after death. Our resources and expertise guide individuals through the time-intensive and complex administrative tasks that come with end-of-life and recent loss. Sarah comes to this work after losing both her parents and experiencing the frustration and pain of the current system. LooseEnds aims to make the process more accessible, streamlined and heartfelt.

Honoree(s): Sarah Grifferty, M.B.A. '22

Magellan College Counseling

Our team of trained, professional college counselors has helped hundreds of students through the college application process. We like to start early -- as early as the 9th or 10th grades. We help students discover what drives and motivates them, build a list of colleges where they'll thrive, and then we walk them through every step of the college admission process.

Honoree(s): Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, Cert. '12


MATTEO PARFUMS is a green-tech based, fine fragrance company. Rooted in imaginative inclusivity and mindful storytelling, we use unique, clean, luxury ingredients to produce longer-lasting, novel scent profiles and formulations. Through green science, our high-performing and sustainable fine fragrances possess mood-boosting properties that promote health and well-being. MATTEO PARFUMS is building software and hardware solutions in AI and Fragrance to enhance our quality of life.

Honoree(s): Matthew J. Sánchez '17

MAX BioPharma Inc

MAX BioPharma is developing novel small molecule oxysterol with unique biological activities as drug candidates for debilitating and fatal human diseases. Those diseases include fatty liver, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), bone defects, cancer, lung fibrosis, and viral and bacterial infections.

Honoree(s): Farhad Parhami '12, Ph.D. '94


Metaba was originally founded to develop a novel adjunctive therapeutic for the treatment of tuberculosis. Since then, our scientists have expanded their expertise to several other diseases, including Covid-19, Influenza, NTM infection, NASH, CF, and atherosclerosis. Finally, the Metaba platform empowers researchers at clinics, medical centers, and pharmaceutical companies to conduct metabolomic studies, perform data analytics and complex data interpretation in a simple and seamless manner. Metaba’s platform delivers valuable information to identify biomarkers, unveil drug mechanisms, monitor disease progression, and optimize clinical treatments, thus reshaping the drug discovery process, revolutionizing healthcare practices, and enhancing patient outcomes.

Honoree(s): Philip Sell '19

Mustard & Moxie

Mustard & Moxie is an impact-focused marketing consultancy. We help social enterprises and community-based nonprofits increase their social impact by identifying opportunities for them to tell resonant stories and expand the footprint of their mission. By facilitating organizational growth and capacity-building efforts, we help our clients amplify their message, make a positive change in their community, and deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes.

Honoree(s): Anna Boudinot, M.B.A. '21; Raina Ratajczak Clarke '16

My Total Tutor

At My Total Tutor, we recognize that every student learns differently. Specializing in tutoring services for students from kindergarten to 12th grade, including those with learning and developmental disabilities, we provide personalized support tailored to individual needs. Our team of university student-tutors understands the diverse challenges students face and offers comprehensive academic assistance, from general tutoring to SAT and AP test preparation. Our mission is to equip students with the skills and tools they need to succeed, embracing the belief that dedication and hard work are the keys to achievement.

Honoree(s): Alexandra Polansky '23; Nicolas Frank '22

Nucleate New Orleans

Nucleate is a student-led organization that represents the largest global community of bio-innovators. A group of LSU and Tulane medical and graduate students, including myself, started a Nucleate New Orleans chapter in efforts to strengthen the growing biotech landscape of our city. As an associate chapter we've hosted several events from networking events to panels at New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week, to pitch competitions at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. We intend to build our organization up into an activator, so we can provide mentorship to a cohort of hungry entrepreneurs through workshop series and a culminating demo day with investment opportunities for founders.

Honoree(s): Bryanna Reinhardt '20

O2EPCM, Inc. dba O2 Engineering, Projects & Construction Management

O2EPCM is an award winning experienced and certified DBE, WBE, SBE, MBE, WOSB, LBE, LSBE, CBE, SAM and DIR registered firm. We provide full service Professional Services – Program Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Project Controls, Staff Augmentation, Claims Management, QA/QC, Safety Management, Inspection, Building Information Modeling (BIM), SWPPP Management, Labor Compliance, 3rd Party Coordination, Drafting and Design/Engineering Support. Airport, Transportation, School, Hospital, Water/Wastewater, Utility, Inspection, project experienced firm. Our clients are local, state, federal government, utility companies and private entities. Our staff consist of engineers, architects and certified professionals.

Honoree(s): Omone Livingston, M.S. '98

Operational Psychology Services

Operational Psychology Services (OPS) is a behavioral security consultancy addressing the full spectrum of violence and harm prevention. Our experts assess risk and develop mitigation strategies from a psychological perspective in the fields of threat assessment, insider threat, protective intelligence, and counterterrorism. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. Government agencies, federal/state/local law enforcement, universities, and global security firms.

Honoree(s): Russell Palarea, '94 Ph.D.

Peony & Plum Floral Design

Peony & Plum is the inspired idea of owner, Susan Tom-Nellis. Susan brings a fresh approach to floral design – having grown up in colorful and casual Honolulu, Hawaii, she fuses these island sentiments with her understanding of composition and form gained from her studies of painting and photography at UCLA’s prestigious Department of Art. Add to the mix, Susan’s previous experience as a Creative Director in advertising and marketing, and you’ve got a talented woman who keeps calm under pressure. Susan’s unique background leads to floral creations that are sophisticated yet whimsical, where traditional elements live happily alongside the unexpected.

Honoree(s): Susan Tom-Nellis '89


Pickytarian creates eye-catching, colorful, sturdy, compostable, and disposable dinnerware products. Our tableware products make a nicer statement and are meant for those special occasions where it’s a huge hassle to use the fine dinnerware but you are also conscious enough not to use toxic plastic or flimsy paperwares. Pickytarian products are made from renewable resources such as bamboo and sugarcane pulp. In addition, we donate 5% of sales to organizations working to alleviate food & shelter in our various communities.

Honoree(s): Laide Olambiwonnu, M.S. '12

Powless Performance

There is nothing I love more than helping people reach their fitness and racing goals. For me, coaching and mentoring is an all-around rewarding experience. As a USA Cycling certified coach for the past three years, I have had the privilege of working with a very diverse group of athletes of various levels and abilities. Whether you are a junior, beginner, professional, or just a recreational rider looking to improve your fitness on the bike, your goals are my goals and I am confident I can help you reach them.

Honoree(s): Shayna Powless '16

Rady Rahban MD

Dr. Rady Rahban is a world-renowned Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his professional integrity and artistic sensibilities that distinguish his practice. Firmly committed to patient education, Dr. Rahban is a vocal critic of unlicensed practitioners and unnecessary surgical procedures. He is known as the “go-to” doctor for his expertise in all types of plastic surgeries, including corrective procedures. Pursuing his patient education mission, Dr. Rahban developed and launched his own popular podcast, “Plastic Surgery Uncensored” in 2019. His straightforward, honest approach helps consumers navigate and assess their surgical options to avoid becoming a botched surgery victim. Dr. Rahban is a regular contributor for major broadcast and print media venues including CNN, CBS, HLN, Inside Edition, The Doctors, KTLA, Univision, Extra, and Access Live, among many others, discussing his life-changing transformations.

Honoree(s): Dr. Rady Rahban '96

Ramplis Software Technology

At Ramplis, we revolutionize packaging procurement and sales with our dynamic web platform, ensuring competitive rates based on factory prices. Our smart pricing system guarantees fair pricing for quality products, supported by real-time data. With personalized labeling, customers can create their own brands and sell their products seamlessly. Our ongoing work in image processing promises to further streamline buying and selling processes, ensuring quicker transactions.

Honoree(s): Bertan Ozadam '21

Refugios Australes

Refugios Australes redefines living in Patagonia through eco-conscious property solutions. Our expertise spans location scouting, innovative design, sustainable construction, and seamless management. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of nature while enjoying remarkable and sustainable returns from vacation rentals.

Honoree(s): Pablo Araya, M.B.A. '13

Rende Progress Capital

Rende Progress Capital is a certified community development financial institution nonprofit loan fund that provides affordable small business lending to minority and immigrant entrepreneurs. The loan fund also offers culturally relevant business technical assistance services to the underinvested entrepreneurs. The loan fund has provided offer $800,000 in small business loans to the underinvested entrepreneurs.

Honoree(s): Cuong Huynh '95


ReviewInc is a leading provider of Business Reputation Management Services. ReviewInc’s growing customer list includes major international chains, brand auto dealers, dental, medical, travel, leisure, property management, retail stores, restaurants, legal services, country clubs, and more – and they have all increased their business reputation score.

Honoree(s): Henri Isenberg '87

Roaming Hunger

Roaming Hunger is an online marketplace that connects food trucks, vendors, and caterers to feed hungry groups of people. RMNG creates eye-catching moments in unexpected places worldwide with experiential marketing activations.

Honoree(s): Ross Resnick, M.B.A. '14

Root to Bloom Pediatrics

Root to Bloom Pediatrics is a holistic approach to raising a child. I want to provide support to parents in all the challenges the face as a parent. Parenting is not easy. I am here to support parents through the journey whether it's behavioral or medical concerns. My goal is to provide a partnershup with parents and help them build a relationship to last a lifetime with their children.

Honoree(s): Elham Raker '96

Sake High!

Sake High! is a canned and bottled sake company changing the way people enjoy sake. Launched in 2022, Sake High! aims to increase where, when, and why people drink sake. Sake High! is now sold in California, Michigan, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington DC and also offers nationwide delivery.

Honoree(s): Joseph Labes, M.B.A. '22

Salehpour Legal

Salehpour Legal provides strategic counsel to entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses on matters such as contract negotiations, licensing, intellectual property, data privacy, and merger and acquisitions. With a deep understanding of both legal and business and technical intricacies, Salehpour Legal is able to effectively guide clients to mitigate risks while also seizing opportunities and achieving their goals in the rapidly evolving world of business and technology. Salehpour Legal acts as a partner to our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs and continue to successfully grow and scale their businesses.

Honoree(s): Morvareed Salehpour '07, J.D. '10

Sender One Climbing

Sender One was founded in 2012 with a straightforward mission—to create inspiring spaces where people can discover themselves and connect with others…through climbing. We operate 4 locations (and growing) in Los Angeles and Orange County offering indoor climbing, fitness, yoga, kids programs, and birthday parties.

Honoree(s): Alice Kao '01

Silicon Beach Wealth Management

Located in Marina Del Rey, Silicon Beach Wealth specializes in financial advice for a new generation of investors. We provide holistic financial planning and investment management for every life stage, with an emphasis on sustainability and incorporating our clients values into their plans.

Honoree(s): Jose Vitela '02

Six Taste Food Tours

Founded in 2009, Six Taste is an AAPI family-owned food tour company in Los Angeles with over 1700 reviews and an overall 5-star rating on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Six Taste’s mission is to support local businesses and enrich the L.A. community through food and education. Six Taste tour guides lead historical and cultural walking food tours through different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, particularly Downtown LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Arts District, Sawtelle Japantown, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, San Gabriel Valley Chinatown, Glendale, Persian Square, and Thai Town, that feature generous samples of diverse dishes from 4-7 restaurants. CEO Sally Tiongco is a proud LA native and a former devoted public school educator who resides in Downtown LA and the San Fernando Valley with her husband and two children.

Honoree(s): Sally Tiongco '04; Jonathan Tiongco '05


SoulCare was established after the founder, Avisha Chugani, discovered that her personal path to healing could be of benefit to many people beyond herself. Avisha has spent her career as a holistic counselor for first-generation, low-income, underrepresented and undocumented college and graduate students, and professionals of color. Her sessions often went into the personal, spiritual, emotional, financial, career, and physical aspects of wellness. As she helped others become more holistically well, she saw a need to spread her knowledge and resources beyond institutions of higher education and into our communities.

Honoree(s): Avisha Chugani '04


sourceM is a custom packaging and merchandise agency specializing in sustainable and quality intensive products. From design to delivery, sourceM strategically partners with its customers to cost effectively produce goods by leveraging its various offices in Vietnam, China, India, and Mexico. No matter the material - glass, plastic, metal, paper or fabric - sourceM has the resources to make the perfect product.

Honoree(s): Rodney Moreh, F.E.M.B.A. '23


Star is a global consultancy that connects strategy, design and engineering services to help companies accelerate product innovation. Star works for businesses in a variety of industries, including Automotive and Mobility, HealthTech, FinTech and AdTech. Our clients include BMW Group, SAIC, Lufthansa, Denso, NIO, Panasonic, AppyWay, Zeiss, Walmart, Dolby, and many more. Our locations span Silicon Valley, Tokyo, London, Munich, Copenhagen, Kyiv, Wroclaw, Medellin, Ho Chi Minh City and other vibrant design, technology and creative nuclei of the world. Our spirited and growing 700+ strong Star Crew takes great pride in working side by side with their trailblazing counterparts at some of the world's most disruptive "unicorn" startups and iconic global brands. Our passion is to make every great person, every great idea and every great company shine. That's why we're called Star.

Honoree(s): Michael Schreibmann '97, M.B.A. '05


Stationæry is a neighborhood restaurant in Carmel, California operated by Anthony and Alissa Carnazzo. Tucked between San Carlos and Mission Streets in the San Carlos Square, this intimate space is a haven for locals. Offering brunch, dinner, specialty coffee, and natural wines, we celebrate comforting flavors with elegant presentation. Led by Chef Amalia Scatena, we primarily source from Monterey and Santa Cruz County farms and ranches, according to what is fresh and in season.

Honoree(s): Alissa Bell Carnazzo '06

TechNexus Venture Collaborative

TechNexus Venture Collaborative (TechNexus) harnesses better relationships between leading corporations and ambitious entrepreneurs to Rethink Growth™. A first-of-its-kind Venture Collaborative, we invest capital, resources, and expertise to help partners create new products, services, and business models. For more than a decade, TechNexus has accelerated business opportunities between dozens of leading corporations and more than 600 startups and is among the most active ecosystem builders in the world.

Honoree(s): James Hoch '92

Tenzo Tea

Tenzo revitalizes the ancient tradition of matcha, transforming it into a beacon of health, sustainability, and continuous self-improvement. Born from a quest for a healthier source of energy, Tenzo emerged as a solution to the jitters and crashes associated with coffee. Our premium, organic matcha is sourced from the finest tea leaves in Japan, offering a burst of clean energy, enhanced focus, and a treasure trove of antioxidants. We're more than just a beverage company; we're a community committed to a philosophy of 'Better Every Day,' striving to make the world a greener, more vibrant place. Join us on our journey towards healthful, sustainable living.

Honoree(s): Robbie Page '14; Steve O'Dell

The Bruin Flea, LLC

The Bruin Flea is a dynamic monthly market event every 3rd Friday. This meticulously organized and collaborative venture with Westwood Village reflects the commitment of UCLA students to foster professional growth and entrepreneurship by forming strategic alliances with fellow students and student organizations. The overarching mission is to convert a designated space in Westwood into a collaborative and secure platform, facilitating the advancement of businesses and careers for UCLA students, local businesses, and Los Angeles-based creators.

Honoree(s): Luis Lopez '23;

The Confetti Crush

The Confetti Crush is your ultimate destination for stress-free, awe-inspiring event experiences. At The Confetti Crush, we specialize in transforming your party dreams into vibrant realities - because every occasion deserves to be extraordinary! With our comprehensive suite of services, including custom balloon garland installations, gorgeous cake stand rentals, and engaging activities, we orchestrate all aspects of your celebration, from concept to execution, ensuring each moment shines. Our passion lies in crafting unique and Instagram-worthy experiences that create memories and leave a lasting impression.

Honoree(s): Diana Creswell '00

The Creative College Journey

The Creative College Journey was founded by Scott Barnhardt in 2022 -- an Independent Educational Consulting firm specializing in college admissions for applicants interested in performing and creative arts majors and careers. The Creative College Journey is a full-service college application service and can assist families through the multitude of tasks required of a successful college applications.

Honoree(s): Scott Barnhardt, M.F.A. '17

The Mental Gym: Counseling. Coaching. Consulting.

The Mental Gym teams with clients to utilize the natural healing capabilities of mind, body, and spirit that already exist within them. Our counseling, coaching, and consulting practice's mission is to help others develop this emotional muscle for better life management. Client and clinician collaborate to pinpoint personal and professional challenges and create tailored psychological regimens, providing clear steps toward emotional growth. The result is the cultivation of a richer and more fulfilling life reinforced by the inner strength of self-understanding.

Honoree(s): Bill Benson '87

The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen is a mother/daughter micro business established in Old Pasadena, California in 2003. We believe that going plastic-free and back to basics with bar soaps instead of liquid is the wave of the future. All of our soaps are handmade from scratch, hand-cut, and hand-wrapped by just the two of us. By keeping our promise to use only the finest essential oils and herbs in our centuries-old soap making process, our end product has, and always will be, gentle and hydrating on the skin, healthy for the body, and never overwhelming to the nose. You're truly supporting a handcrafted, Made in the USA business when you purchase from us. We thank you for your amazing soaport!

Honoree(s): Dali Yu '94

The WealthGarden f.s.

The WealthGarden f.s. provides comprehensive financial care, crafting integrated strategies tailored to your goals, family, and values. As an independent firm, we offer nimble, attentive service with a focus on your long-term financial well-being. Through personalized planning and collaboration, we nurture your dreams while prioritizing your best interests as fiduciaries. Experience the difference of proactive, intimate partnership with a team committed to your lifelong financial success.

Honoree(s): Josephti Cruz '98; Wendy Wan Turk '00

The Wellest.

The Well Established LLC embodies a fusion of wellness, creativity, and conscientious living. Led by CEO and Founder Brandi Andres, former actress ('Beverly Hills, 90210'), journalist (Dwell, The Daily Beast), creative producer, and proud UCLA alum, the company launched with The Wellest. and has since built an ecosystem of brands—Bar|Non, The WellFest, and The Well Established Distribution & Wholesale—that champion holistic wellness, making ethical and sustainable choices accessible to all. The Wellest. shines in sustainable wellness retail, offering sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages, clean beauty, and ethical products. Bar|Non provides a distinct venue for spirits-free socializing, enhancing wellness and inclusivity within its ecosystem alongside The Well Established Wholesale & Distribution. Furthering its mission, 'The Wellest Life' podcast connects a likeminded community with inspiring narratives, aiming to evolve into a broad multimedia platform. The WellFest widens the company’s reach with a wellness festival in Long Beach, California in 2024, that aspires to redefine wellness events in the USA by celebrating mindful drinking and holistic health.

Honoree(s): Brandi Andres '09

Tommy and Atticus

Retail bakery specializing in sourdough bread, handcrafted pastries, locally roasted coffee and breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Everything is baked fresh from scratch on site at our bakery every morning.

Honoree(s): Garrett McPerry '11; Lauren Rosen '13

Top This Chocolate

Top This Chocolate is a retail store where customers can build a custom chocolate bar. They select premium milk, white or dark chocolate and watch the liquid chocolate be poured out and topped with their choice of nuts, fruits, candy, cookies and salty snacks. Customers can also put a name on a bar in chocolate letters to create a personalized gift. Each custom creation is ready in less than EIGHT minutes. As the world's only customizable-on-the-spot chocolate concept, Top This Chocolate is now franchising.

Honoree(s): Shana Elson, J.D. '05

Trail Marker Wine Co.

We are purists at Trail Marker Wine Co. We source grapes from premium, family owned vineyards in marginal, cool climate sites to make the very best, terroir-driven Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs that Northern California has to offer.

Honoree(s): Emily Virgil, M.B.A. '21

Treehouse Partners

Treehouse is a boutique recruiting firm providing a different perspective on human capital. We collaboratively partner with dynamic companies seeking talent across most business and professional functions (Strategy, Finance, Operations, Marketing, HR, Sales, Legal, etc.), with roles ranging from Associate to C-suite. Our backgrounds, as business leaders and hiring managers, uniquely qualify us to understand, find, and deliver the people who will make your business thrive.

Honoree(s): Kate Pletcher, M.B.A. '07; Erik Pletcher, M.B.A. '07

Undesert Corporation

Undesert Corporation can turn the world's dirtiest water, including produced water from the oil and gas industry, into perfectly pure water and dry salt. Currently this water is pumped underground where it causes water contamination and earthquakes.

Honoree(s): Nicholas Seet, F.E.M.B.A. '05


Unicorner sends you a 2-minute rundown of an exciting startup every Monday morning. Featured on the New York Times, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, and Product Hunt's #1 Product of the Day, Unicorner brings tomorrow's Unicorns straight to your inbox. Discover the next Uber, Lyft, and Netflix with Unicorner.

Honoree(s): Ethan Keshishian '23, M.S. '24; Arek Der-Sasrkissian '23, M.S. '24

Vesta Fitness

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Vesta Fitness is the leading supplier of home and commercial gym equipment. We serve athletes at every level, from the home garage to weightlifting competitions, with a burning desire to be better tomorrow than they are today. Our mission is to make health and fitness accessible and affordable for everyone.

Honoree(s): Chelsea Lu '15

Wealth for Women of Color

Wealth for Women of Color is a platform dedicated to empowering women of color to achieve financial security and build wealth. Founded by Lissa Prudencio, Wealth for Women of Color has a mission to make wealth-building more inclusive for historically marginalized groups, aiming to improve their quality of life and enable them to use their wealth to effect powerful, positive change in the world. Through a combination of accessible educational resources fostering individual growth and partnerships with organizations addressing systemic issues, Lissa's mission is clear: to create a future where wealth is attainable for all women of color.

Honoree(s): Lissa Prudencio '08


Wine Not is a non-alcoholic, sparkling beverage that merges taste and lifestyle, perfect for social occasions. Through a unique blend of flavors and adaptogens, we offer a fun and functional beverage that emulates sparkling wine. Wine Not’s mission is to create inclusive, yet euphoric, moments so that every person can feel empowered to be their best self.

Honoree(s): Ashley Johnson, M.B.A. '22


YoBes are Coconut Almond Protein Yogurts that have 12G of Protein, No Added Sugar, 100% Plant Based. YoBe’s mission is to deliver 100% Plant Based Protein Snacks that are Healthy, Natural, and Taste like Dessert with No Added Sugar and No Funny Business! Our Protein Snacks will Fuel Individuals to be their most Authentic and Awesome self! YoBes are sold at Erewhon, online and other retail channels.

Honoree(s): Hawkins Golden, M.B.A. '23

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