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Student Alumni Association

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Here, inspiring others begins with being inspired yourself. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a student volunteer group working with the UCLA Alumni Association to enhance the student experience. Connecting students with alumni to ignite opportunities that strengthen our Bruin bond will be your purpose. But enriching the student experience will become your ultimate legacy.


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The next Info Meeting will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at
5 p.m.

Location - James West Alumni Center

SAA Programs

Throughout the year, SAA volunteers plan social,  career-oriented and school-unifying events, including such popular campus traditions as:

More Ways To Contribute

Executive Committees

SAA volunteers serve on one of nine executive committees. All members meet weekly throughout the academic year to plan and produce SAA events and programs. Volunteers make lifelong friends as they work and interact at social activities organized just for them.

Bruin Spirit Executive Committee

Led by the Bruin Spirit Executive Director, the Bruin Spirit Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of UCLA spirit events, such as the Beat ’SC Bonfire and Rally and I ♥ UCLA Week. The Bruin Spirit Committee collaborates with other campus partners to bring these traditions to the student body and works to increase awareness of the university’s varied accomplishments. Through these events, the committee seeks to build and foster UCLA spirit and pride across campus by promoting unity among different entities.

Public Relations Executive Committee

Led by the Public Relations Executive Director, the Public Relations Committee seeks to appropriately publicize the events of the organization. Members of the Committee organize customized marketing campaigns for each external event by encompassing campus and community outreach, social media and young alumni engagement. This committee is responsible for communicating the mission of SAA and the Alumni Association to the student body and developing and maintaining a positive brand of the organization.

Career Networking Executive Committee

The Career Networking Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of events and programs that provide professional development opportunities for students. Led by the Career Networking Executive Director, the Committee provides students with the opportunity to meet and network with alumni as well as explore their professional interests and potential jobs at two annual events, Interview With a Bruin and Entertainment Networking Night.

Dinners for 12 Strangers Executive Committee

For more than 45 years, Dinners for 12 Strangers has brought alumni, faculty, and students from all generations together to enjoy good food and great conversation. An award-winning program, Dinners for 12 Strangers is a global event with more than 350 dinners in 20 countries. This Bruin-born tradition has also been replicated by hundreds of universities across the country. Led by the Dinners for 12 Strangers Executive Director, the Committee manages recruitment and logistics for more than 150 student dinners in the Los Angeles region.

Internal Relations Executive Committee

Led by the Internal Relations Executive Director, the Internal Relations committee is a long-standing committee whose primary job is to foster inclusivity and build community within the organization. This committee keeps all of SAA’s members enthusiastic and happy by planning community service projects and many other internal events to benefit, encourage and enhance the professional and personal relationships that develop within the organization.

Graduate Relations Executive Committee

The “Grad” Relations Committee is responsible for helping graduating seniors transition into active and involved UCLA alumni. Led by the Graduate Relations Executive Director, the committee facilitates events such as Senior Networking Night and Navigating the Real World in order to effectively connect graduates with our young alumni network and educate them about life after college.

Leadership Development Executive Committee

The Leadership Development committee aims to cultivate the leadership skills exhibited by SAA members through creative and interactive workshops and presentations. Led by the Leadership Development Executive Director, this committee is also tasked with overseeing the SAA new member curriculum, one that educates new members and integrates them into the organization. The Leadership Development committee also plans Winternal, an internal event meant to further encourage bonding within SAA.

Spring Sing Executive Committee

Led by the Spring Sing Executive Director, the Spring Sing Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of Spring Sing, an annual show that brings the UCLA community together to share the experience of the university’s oldest and greatest musical tradition. Since its debut in 1945, Spring Sing has showcased UCLA’s most talented students performing song, dance and sketch comedy. The committee oversees the show’s talent, judges and awards, production and marketing.

Business Development Executive Committee

Led by the Business Development Executive Director, the Business Development Committee is responsible for exploring and proposing creative solutions for the future success and long-term value of SAA. It is also tasked with seeking and strategizing innovative revenue sources to ensure the organization’s long-term financial sustainability. Committee teams work in team on projects that explore opportunities for long-term growth and funding, and further develop the SAA Foundation Account in conjunction with Public Relations.