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Graduation Resources


Senior Trip 

Essential Europe
June 20 – July 08, 2016
Extended tour in Greece ends July 13
Celebrate graduation and see the landmarks of Europe during a once-in-a-lifetime trip through eight wondrous countries.


Things to do before you leave UCLA:

  • Visit the Commencement website.
  • Collect on professors’ promises of letters of recommendation. Even if graduate school isn’t your plan right now, your interests may change later.
  • Network as much as you can while you still have a chance. Connections are still the way to go, even after you’ve landed your first job.
  • Take a celebratory wade in the Inverted Fountain.
  • Enjoy your flexible schedules and late mornings, before the nine-to-five grind becomes a reality.
  • Go to Spring Sing in May.
  • Contribute to Student Giving. UCLA’s longstanding tradition of giving back begins with you.


Just when you thought you knew it all, the world is about to hit you with new subjects that weren’t covered in any class.  Luckily countless alumni have struggled with (and conquered) them before. Below are their recommendations to facilitate an easier transition from senior to recent grad.

Grad School
Protecting You and Your Stuff