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Bruin Professionals Beverly Hills Chapter Meeting

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May 18, noon - 1:30 p.m. PDT







Addressing Microaggressions with Brave Conversations

Whether in your personal life or professional life, we have all experienced some form of microaggression. Join Andrew Gordon-Kirsch and Kim Manns for an interactive workshop on how to address microaggressions and strengthen relationships across difference. In this session we’ll practice raising uncomfortable topics and skillfully receiving this kind of feedback.

Microaggressions are small, unintentional slights that undervalue or demean people. They are ubiquitous in interpersonal interactions and contribute to exclusion and disengagement. In the interest of fostering more cohesive communities and teams, we can address microaggressions with brave conversations. Brave conversations are candid dialogues that at first may seem uncomfortable but ultimately build trust and stronger relationships.

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