Siria Gutierrez ’05

Education and Certifications:

UCLA: B.A. in History
University of Nevada-Las Vegas: J.D. from William S. Boyd School of Law
Co-Active Training Institute: Certified Professional Coach (CPCC)
Certified Positive Intelligence Coach


Siria L. Gutierrez, CPCC & Esq., (she/her) is a high performance leadership coach helping leaders who want to help themselves overcome being overworked and overwhelmed, so they can avoid burnout and love the life they have built. She works primarily with lawyers, business owners and BIPOC professionals. She is a speaker, mental health advocate, mental fitness and mindset coach, podcaster and lawyer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a first-gen professional from Guatemala y Nicaragua and is a Certified Professional Coach receiving her training from the Co-Active Institute, which is respected worldwide as the gold-standard of coaching. Siria co-hosts the Pivotal Moments HQ Podcast, a wellness and mindset podcast, with her best friend and COO for the Center of Appreciative Inquiry, Melissa Robaina. She knows the power of embracing your full self and empowers others to do the same to build a better world. To rest and rejuvenate, she enjoys spending time with her partner Matthew, watching live theater, doing watercolor art and attending fan conventions for her favorite show Supernatural.

Available Coaching Methods: Virtual (via phone call or video conferencing)

Career Stages: Entry-level, Mid-Career, Career Pivot, General Counseling / Coaching

Industry: Leadership, Law

Email and Website: |


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