AJ (Aaron) Eckstein

Ellie Tabibian

Education and Certifications
USC: B.S. in Business Administration

AJ interviews recruiters for a living. As the host and creator of “The Final Round Podcast”, Eckstein speaks with recruiters at top companies to help you advance past the final round interview. When he is not podcasting, he is leading the coaching team at Career Coaching Company, a startup that he founded to help individuals land top jobs in consulting and banking through 1:1 tailored coaching. Since the company’s inception, Eckstein has coached over 200 hours with students and professionals and has helped over 125 individuals land top jobs.

Regarding industry experience, Eckstein works in strategy & consulting at Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm. Eckstein previously interned at 5 companies including Fortune 100 companies and tech startups. His most notable internships include the Business Leader Rotation Program at The Walt Disney Company and a Business Strategy & Operation Internship at TeleSign (a CPaaS company that was acquired for $230M).

With over 10,000 followers on LinkedIn and 1,000,000 content views, he has amassed a following that trusts his career advice. If you are looking for a young yet experienced career expert that just recently went through the same job recruitment process you are about to go through, be sure to reach out!

Available Coaching Methods: Virtual (via video conferencing + phone)

Career Stages: Entry-level, Career Pivot, Management, General Counseling / Coaching

Industry: General and Management Consulting

Email and Website: aj@thefinalround.com | https://thefinalround.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-aj-eckstein/

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