Board Volunteer Opportunities

With a connection to over 500,000 other alumni across the globe, we’re your channel for networking, giving back, engaging and pushing each other forward. With opportunity waiting around every corner, we can turn our potential into exponential growth together.

From events to professional advice, community volunteering to international travel packages, being a Bruin is forever. We offer infinite opportunities to build new relationships and learn from the incredible UCLA community.

As Bruins, we’re uniquely positioned to shake up the world every time we shake hands. And together, we’ll continue pushing one another, the university and students forward by remaining at each other’s side.

Each fall, recruitment for volunteer board leadership positions begins for members of the Board of Directors and Alumni Representatives to select campus boards. The recruitment period typically concludes just after the new year. Individuals may self nominate or nominate another Bruin. All applicants must be UCLA degree holders and have been actively involved as a volunteer and donor with UCLA. Strong candidates should demonstrate notable or significant achievement in business, education, and/or public service with the following attributes/qualifications:

• Involvement with UCLA
• Management and leadership experience
• Diverse background and skillset
• Integrity and professionalism
• Commitment and availability

For more information about involvement opportunities and upcoming recruitment timelines, please call (310) 794-3195. Thank you for your interest in support UCLA and the UCLA Alumni Association!

Alumni Board Member Roles & Responsibilities (including philanthropic support of UCLA) are shared below.

Alumni Association Board Member Roles & Responsibilities, including Financial Commitment (“Give/Get”) – Developed and Approved by the Board 

As volunteer leaders at UCLA, the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors is committed to representing UCLA’s world class stature and nurturing an environment where diverse perspectives and all Board members can meaningfully and productively contribute. Board members truly embrace UCLA’s Principles of Community and True Blue Bruin Values, as upheld by members of UCLA’s expansive community. Upholding these roles and responsibilities are minimal requirements for re-election eligibility. 

  • Uphold the University’s True Bruin Values and Principles of Community.
  • Uphold the needs of the organization above personal needs/desires/gains and taking care not to bring harm to the organization or create a conflict of interest between oneself and the organization; recognize that the Board holds assets for the benefit of the constituencies that they serve; acknowledge that any benefits provided to Board members are not transferrable.
  • Act in the best interest of the organization and excuse themselves from discussions and votes where a conflict of interest exists or may exist.
  • Represent the Association’s work and values to the community in an engaged and informed manner.
  • Collaborate in good faith with other Board members and staff as partners towards achievement of organization goals.
  • Attend (each fiscal year) a minimum of three Board meetings, the annual retreat, and at least half of the committee meetings on which they are appointed; serve on at least one Board standing committee and one task force/advisory/ad hoc/workgroup; attend at least three alumni engagement activities (including virtual) throughout the fiscal year; and serve as a volunteer with the scholarship application process or with the Alumni Scholars Club.
  • Donate at least $1,000 each fiscal year, directing the donation to the Alumni Association Support Fund. The gift may be a personal donation and/or donations made in your honor. $500 of the $1,000 minimum donation may be in the form of “gift in kind” or additional donations made in your honor. Financial commitment for Board members 0 to four years post-graduation is $250 or more annually; Board members five to nine years post-graduation is $500 or more annually.
  • Stay informed about organization activities, initiatives, and priorities; read provided communications. Prepare in advance for upcoming meetings including reviewing materials; participate fully during meeting discussions including the offering of meaningful comments and questions; focus on strategy, mission, vision and goal setting; and take full responsibility and accept accountability for decision-making on goals, issues, policies and other Board matters.
  • Encourage alumni to volunteer and direct them to the appropriate staff.
  • Contribute financially to an Alumni Scholarship at a level that is personally meaningful.
  • Encourage philanthropy among alumni and others toward UCLA and advocacy for UCLA and public higher education.
  • Identify financial corporate resources, sponsorships, and partnerships for the organization.
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