Collaborative Instruction

During Collaborative Instruction courses, faculty and alumni work together to apply theory taught in the classroom to potential careers following graduation. Students have the opportunity to learn more about practical application of their degree from the first-hand experience of alumni. Collaborative Instruction courses are offered through various departments including Economics, Sociology, Communication Studies and the Life Sciences.

All students are eligible to take courses that include the Collaborative Instruction component unless there is a course requisite that a student has not fulfilled.


Communication Studies 19: UCLA Centennial Initiative: Loud Bark, Curious Eyes–Century of UCLA Student Media

Communication Studies M147: Sociology of Mass Communication

Communication Studies 148: Integrated Marketing Communications

Communication Studies 151: Computer-Mediated Communication

Communication Studies 160: Political Communication

Communications Studies 164: Entertainment Law 

Communications Studies 184: Abortion, Death Penalty, and Gun Control: Arguing Contemporary Social Issues 

Economics 103: Econometrics

Economics 106D: Designed Markets

Economics 106E: Economics of Entrepreneurship

Economics 106F: Corporate Finance

Economics 106G: Introduction to Game Theory

Economics 106M: Financial Markets and Institutions

Economics 106TL: Economics of Technology and E-Commerce Laboratory

Economics 106V: Investments

Economics 164: Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics: Theory of Economic Growth

Life Sciences 110: Career Exploration in Life Sciences

Sociology 131: Careers in Sociology

Sociology 122: Sociology of Violence

Sociology M147: Sociology of Mass Communication

Sociology M176: Sociology of Mass Communication

Sociology 182: Political Sociology

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