Excellence in Economics

Excellence in Economics (EXEC) is a program designed specially for first-year transfer students pursuing a degree with the UCLA Department of Economics.


The UCLA Department of Economics and the UCLA Alumni Association are committed to the successful transition of transfer students to the campus community. The EXEC program will equip first-year transfer students with the skills and resources to excel academically, socially, and professionally.
Approximately 40-50 transfer students will be selected to this program and will participate together in required academic courses and career planning programs. Through these required components, students will have the opportunity to build community with other transfer students, and expand their professional network with faculty, staff and alumni.

Program Format and Requirements

Academic Preparation: To position transfer students for academic success, EXEC students will take two of their fall quarter courses together: Econ 97 (Economics Toolkit) and Econ 11 (Microeconomic Theory). Econ 97 will include a math review, discussion of effective study skills, and an introduction to some of the research done by economists. Students in EXEC will be required to enroll in one of two discussion sections of Econ 11 reserved exclusively for EXEC students. Note that the EXEC program is not open to students who will have completed Econ 11 and/or Econ 97 prior to the fall quarter.

Career Preparation: Students are also required to participate in three career planning sessions led by Gerald Corporal, Director of Alumni Career Engagement of the UCLA Alumni Association. These sessions will assist students with their resume, elevator pitch, developing a strategy for internship recruitment, and connecting with alumni. Students will also receive a peer mentor; a second year transfer student.


Currently, EXEC is only open to new transfer students admitted to UCLA in the following majors:

  • Pre-Economics
  • Pre-Business Economics
  • Pre-Math/Econ


The application for Fall 2021 is now open. The application deadline is Monday, August 23 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

For any questions, please contact Gerald Corporal at gcorporal@support.ucla.edu.

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