Give your time and expertise for the betterment of students, alumni and UCLA.

Alumni Mentor Program

As an alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide student(s) academic guidance as well as career and personal development advice. Your insights on managing change and overcoming difficulty can have a deep and profound impact. We encourage mentors and students to connect on a regular basis (e.g., once-a-month phone call, in-person meeting or email conversation); however, the frequency and form of communication are things you can determine together.


Be a resource for alumni and students seeking career advice, mentorship, an informational interview industry insights or an event speaker. When editing your profile, check the boxes under Offer Help.

Student Career Preparation Programs

Equip students with hands-on training and real-life experiences with programs like Sharpe Fellows Program, Economics Research Fellows Program and Virtual Economics in Action.

Interview With a Bruin

Interview With a Bruin pairs alumni with UCLA students to help sharpen their interview skills. UCLA alumni professionals will walk students through a mock interview and give tips and feedback that can help students gain a competitive edge with their upcoming job interviews.

Entertainment Networking Night

Entertainment Networking Night gives students the opportunity to learn about careers in the entertainment field through informal roundtable discussions with UCLA alumni in the industry, such as actors, producers, directors, writers, network executives, lawyers and more.

Reach out to ace@support.ucla.edu to connect with a staff member to get involved today.

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