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Alumni Membership

More than becoming a member...

This year, the new membership program welcomes all alumni as members to the 500,000 strong Alumni Association. With the goal of connecting, engaging and inspiring, the UCLA Alumni Association has not only revamped your access and privileges but has also enhanced philanthropy towards scholarships and programming.

Who can join?

All UCLA graduates (or minimum eight quarters), UCLA Extension and Anderson certificate holders, and postdoctoral and medical school fellows are members of the Alumni Association. The Association also encourages family and friends to join.

Gift Membership

There is no greater gift than uniting under a sense of gratitude and goodwill. Gifting a membership provides enrichment on a multitude of levels, and amplifies one’s impact and connection to UCLA.

Where do my dues go?

Membership in this new model is now donor based. Gifts made at either the Blue or Gold membership level support the Association and/or scholarships; programs that enhance the connection with alumni and the community.

Why Join

UCLA Pride

UCLA is an engine for real-time accomplishment that enriches our community, our nation and our world. A UCLA Alumni Association membership keeps you connected to UCLA as it shapes the future.


Stay connected to UCLA where you live or through one of our academic, professional, affinity or diversity networks.


Your membership investment not only connects you with alumni, but also supports rewarding volunteer opportunities that provide alumni expertise to UCLA students. One volunteer opportunity is to serve on a committee that awards merit-based scholarships totaling $1.4 million each year.

Membership Levels


You might be a graduate or certificate holder, but you still have the benefits of a student. As an automatic member, you get access to the UC System Libraries, the Alumni LinkedIn group and more. Because we believe as a Bruin, you’ve earned it.

Blue Member

With an annual gift of $100 to the UCLA Alumni Association or Alumni Scholarship Fund, Blue members help sustain our goal of enriching the lives of alumni. It’s a generous gift that provides major opportunities for UCLA.
In return, we offer Blue Members even more benefits. From access to Bruin Woods Summer Camp to UCLA Extension Course discounts and a UCLA Magazine subscription, you have all you need to stay connected.

Life Member

We want to thank existing Life Members for their previous contribution and ongoing dedication. Your support has been a pillar of our Association and earns you a special place in the membership program.
Unlike Blue Membership, you reap benefits for life, without any additional costs to maintain your status. Life Members do have the opportunity though, to upgrade to Gold Legacy with a one-time gift of $600*.

Gold Member

As a Gold Member, you fuel dreamers, innovators and leaders-putting UCLA Alumni’s visions into action. It’s a one-time gift of $1000, but the possibilities it affords are unlimited. Which means your investment is a value greater than its sum.
And with your generous membership donation comes access to our most premium benefits and services including exclusive invites to events, greater access, career and travel consulting. Gold Membership provides you with a unique ability to engage, volunteer and give back to UCLA.


Upgrade Membership

While everyone is automatically a Member, there’s room to rise. Gain Blue or Gold Member status for more premium benefits and services giving you the ability to give back—and to push us forward. We can take the next step forward together when you advance your membership level.

Upgrade Now

Member Benefits

Every Bruin has earned Alumni Association Membership. With benefits like free passes to select home games, and discounted services like career counseling and club quarters hotel, it’s an individual membership designed to provide a connected partnership.

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