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American Indian Alumni of UCLA

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Welcome to the American Indian Alumni Association of UCLA page!

The American Indian Alumni of UCLA (AIA) is an alliance of UCLA American Indian graduates as well as others affiliated with or otherwise interested in UCLA. The AIA is also composed of supporters, friends, allies, students and
interested parties from the American Indian Community. The AIA is concerned with the welfare of American Indians at UCLA who share this alliance’s goals and purposes of advocacy, cooperation, and self-determination. It is hoped
that the AIA will foster and encourage the large numbers of American Indian alumni and friends to become more visible in their support of American Indians at UCLA and to communicate their ideas and concerns about the universities’ policies, programs and future.


• May, 4 – 33rd Ms. UCLA Pow Wow
• May 5 – Eighth Annual Crystal Scholarship Fundraiser

For event details, please visit our Facebook page or email us at


Lighting a Path Forward: The Meaning of UC Land Grants, Public Memory, and Tovaangar - 2 day conference

Oct. 10

American Indian Alumni of UCLA and the UCLA American Indian Studies Center will be hosting a 2 day conference focused on exploring topics such as: UC Land Grants, Public Memory, and the impact both have had on the Tovaangar. 10/10 - 8 a.m. to 8… Read more.

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Event Location - UCLA, James West Alumni Center