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San Diego Network

There are more than 12,000 alumni in the San Diego area — JOIN US & GET INVOLVED! To join the UCLA Alumni Network of San Diego, click “Subscribe” on the button below.

For more information, check out our Facebook page or contact our network president Campbell Chiang ’01.


UCLA Football Game Watch: UCLA vs. Stanford

Oct. 17
6 p.m.

The Stanford Cardinals have plenty to fear this October! Come watch the mighty UCLA Bruins take them on at 6 p.m. this Thursday, October 17 at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse! Have a beary scary Halloween! Questions: Contact Michelle Nguyen at… Read more.

Event Location - BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

UCLA vs. USC Trivia Night

Nov. 19
7 p.m.

Please join us for a fun night of trivia as we build up to the greatly-anticipated annual UCLA vs. USC football game! The event will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 19, which is also the week of the game. The event will be held at Bay City Brewing. Don’t… Read more.

Event Location - Bay City Brewing Co.

Volunteer Day at the San Diego Food Bank

Dec. 7
8 a.m.

Come out and join the UCLA Alumni of San Diego during this holiday season of giving as we volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank! All Bruins and family members (10 and older) are invited to help sort and box food at the Food Bank on Dec. 7.… Read more.

Event Location - San Diego Food Bank