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San Diego Network

There are more than 12,000 alumni in the San Diego area — JOIN US & GET INVOLVED! To join the UCLA Alumni Network of San Diego, click “Subscribe” on the button below.

For more information, check out our Facebook page or contact our network president Campbell Chiang ’01.


Cup of Java San Diego

June 28
8 a.m.

The UCLA Alumni Network of San Diego invites you to expand your professional network and meet fellow Bruins at our upcoming Cup of Java event in Sorrento Valley. Come enjoy your early morning brew over ideas and networking with fellow alumni who… Read more.


Event Location - Copa Vida

San Diego Network Annual Open Board Meeting

July 9
6 p.m.

Come join us for dinner and our annual open board meeting. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the network and our plans for the upcoming year, share ideas for future events and learn how you can get more involved. 6 p.m. –… Read more.


Event Location - Bay City Brewing Co.