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San Diego Network

There are more than 12,000 alumni in the San Diego area — JOIN US & GET INVOLVED! To join the UCLA Alumni Network of San Diego, become a member of the UCLA Alumni Association and get your membership in the UCLA Network of San Diego for free! Go to and click on “Become a Member”.

For more information, please contact President Mark Hersberger at


Culinary Tour - 94th Aero Squadron

Oct. 19
6:30 p.m.

Join your fellow Bruins for a fun dinner at 94th Aero Squadron in the heart of Kearney Mesa. Located inside a replica of a World War I French farmhouse, the restaurant sits close to Montgomery Field Airport and is packed full of military memorabilia, antique farm implements and aviation relics. There is an eclectic menu including salads, pasta, poultry, steaks and chops. Hope we see you there! RSVP by Friday, Oct. 16

Event Location - 94th Aero Squadron

Welcome to the City: San Diego Brunch with Bruins

Oct. 31
11 a.m.

Join the San Diego Network for a leisurely brunch with Bruins. Within a network known for seeking out and exploring a variety of culinary experiences this Welcome to the City will meet the approval of Bruin foodies and diners with simpler tastes. Select from responsibly sourced meats, seafood and vegetable dishes that explore modern and fresh interpretations of American cuisine while you gather with fellow Bruins who learned and thrived at UCLA. Make new friends, welcome new residents and refresh your sense of UCLA history and pride. Oh, and did someone say cinnamon roll sandwich? You can get one here or indulge in a “I don’t do this often, but what the heck,” top your own cinnamon roll bar stocked with goodies galore like butter, whipped cream, candied bacon, pecans, coconut, strawberry coulis, granola and chocolate chips for your creative gastronomic pleasure. RSVP by Oct. 26


Event Location - Sea and Smoke