Milton C. Shedd ’44

Posted On - May 28, 2015


Although he pursued a successful career in investment banking, Milton Shedd is honored for his achievements in marine life and his involvement as the co-founding board chairman of Sea World, Inc., the world’s largest oceanarium. The Hubbs-Sea World Institute, which he founded in 1963, has gained international recognition for its more than 200 marine research programs.

An example of his vision is the building of the Hubb’s marine hatchery in Carlsbad, Calif. to restore such depleted marine species as white sea bass through the release of several hundred thousand eight-inch juveniles each year along the California coast. The Resulting research, educational programs and marine displays from Sea World and Hubbs have greatly elevated public awareness of marine life.

In the late 1960s, Shedd arranged for the Hubbs Research Institute to furnish transportation for a two-month expedition by UCLA and other universities to the Galapagos Islands. That expedition produced a scientific educational film documenting Darwin’s discoveries.

Since then, his fundraising efforts helped establish the UCLA Marine Science Center, which now includes a major adult education program for K-12 teachers and a teaching aquarium, the Ocean Disvoery Center, on Santa Monica pier. “Cruising Classroom,” and educational program for Los Angeles-area children, was made possible when Shedd donated his own 65-foot vessel to UCLA several years ago.

In 1992, Shedd received the Bill Ray Memorial Award from the United Anglers of Southern California for outstanding marine research achievement and, in 1995, the Billfish Foundation presented him with their John Rybovich Award for lifetime achievement. In addition, he has been recognized by the San Diego Oceans Foundation and the National Sea Grant Association. In 1997, the City of San Diego presented him with a resolution of commendation and declared May 30 “Milton C. Shedd Day.”

“By establishing a world-renowned marine research facility, Shedd ensured that valuable scientific studies will continue to benefit both mankind and the creatures of the ocean well into the future.” – Byron Wear, council member, City of San Diego

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