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Patricia Keating

Posted On - May 28, 2015


“Professor Keating’s teaching is nothing less than outstanding,” declared one of her students, who added, “After taking her class, I can see why UCLA’s linguistics department is ranked so highly.” Fascinated by both instrumental phonetics and first-language acquisition, Patricia Keating has succeeded in conveying her enthusiasm in these interrelated areas to both undergraduate and graduate students. She has demonstrated a remarkable ability to explain concepts and guide detailed, technical research. Always accessible to students, she has prepared new teaching materials and introduced state-of-the-art methods of research and equipment into the phonetics laboratory. Her students are inspired by her dedication both to them and to her field of research. A colleague said, “Dr. Keating’s work on the interface between phonetics and phonology has pointed the way towards resolving the conflict between two imperatives of linguistic analysis: the economy expected in elegant and insightful analyses, and the profusion of detail required in full descriptions.”