Sherrill Luke ’50

Posted On - May 28, 2015


Sherrill Luke's service to UCLA began more than forty years ago. During his tenure as student body president, an anti-discrimination provision was placed in the bylaws of the organization control board and the student council endorsed the Academic Senate's position strongly opposing the University of California Regents ' loyalty oath. A lobbying effort led by Luke resulted in the repeal of a Regents' regulation prohibiting the appearance of political speakers on campus.

In 1988, as president of the UCLA Alumni Association and UC Regent, Luke demonstrated his concern that the University respond to our changing society. Bringing to bear his experience in the Advisory and Scholarship Program, the UCLA Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as a multitude of other university boards and committees, Luke's approach was further tempered by his professional experience as a lawyer and a judge. Under his leadership, the Association sponsored the first-ever Conference on Diversity at a time when, because of ethnic and religious conflict on campus, the community questioned UCLA's ability to respond to changing demographics. On the board of directors, he was instrumental in increasing awareness of the importance of age and geographical diversity as well as ethnic and gender diversity in all Alumni Association committees. This heightened awareness is reflected in revised guidelines for Alumni Award nominees, alumni committees and board members.

During his tenure as president, the Association became the first alumni association in the United States to endorse and become actively involved in the National Literacy Program – a program whose outreach has obvious and long-term implications for America .

Head yell leader, student body president, Alumni Association President, UC Regent – Sherrill Luke has truly served the University well.

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