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Bruin Speakers on UCLA One

The Bruin community is full of experts. From cutting edge research to industry knowledge to life experience, each Bruin has a story to share. Oftentimes, UCLA departments, campus groups or alumni networks are looking for alumni from different parts of the world to impart their expertise. The types of engagement can vary from casual networking discussions to serving on a panel or as a keynote speaker. If you are interested in volunteering to share your experience with other Bruins, let the community know on UCLA ONE.

How to Get Listed as a Bruin Speaker


1. Log into your UCLA account on
2. Click on “Edit Profile”

3. Click on the “With Sharing My Expertise Publicly” option under our Offer to Help Section
4. In the same “Edit Profile,” go to the “About Me” section at the bottom and fill out your preferred topics of expertise under “Which topics would you be willing to speak on?”



Does indicating I am willing to share my expertise publicly mean I will definitely be asked to speak?

  • This is a new function on UCLA ONE, so the frequency of requests will depend on the community’s needs. If you don’t receive any requests after a period of time, consider amending your profile to make your credentials more attractive as a Bruin speaker.

Is this a professional speakers bureau service?

  • This is not a professional speaker management service. We encourage you to research the event and/or organization who asked you to speak. This function is a new channel on UCLA ONE geared to identify alumni who are willing to help the Bruin community.

What type of topics are appropriate for this platform?

  • The types of topics we are looking for are professional in nature, but can intersect with life phase, age, identity and industry. Are you a stay-at-home parent that has made the transition from working full-time? Are you an experienced manager willing to share your supervisory skills? Are you a leadership scholar who can motivate others to pursue their dreams? We invite Bruins to share about their professional journey.

Can I charge a fee for my time?

  • UCLA ONE was built as a platform where Bruins can help Bruins voluntarily. If you are invited to speak, you may charge a fee at your discretion. However, if the host is not able to pay, they may also withdraw their invitation.

Are the groups seeking speakers vetted by UCLA?

  • The UCLA ONE community is open to all Bruins. Some groups are well established and have websites that are part of the University or UCLA Alumni Affairs. You are encouraged to practice due diligence in researching your event host. If you have any questions about a request you have received, feel free to contact