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Anna Penenberg ’76, M.A. ’82

Posted On - July 27

Anna Penenberg '76, M.A. '82Anna Penenberg ’76, M.A. ’82, is the author of a newly published memoir, “Dancing in the Narrows,” which details her journey of self-rediscovery as a single mother struggling to help her daughter navigate Lyme disease.

As detailed in the book, at sixteen, Dana, Anna Penenberg’s daughter, is stricken with a debilitating illness with no known cure. In search of wellness, mother and teen are first propelled through the established medical world, and then beyond, in a multi-year odyssey toward healing from trauma.

For thirty-five years, Penenberg has worked with adults, children and infants, using her certifications in family psychotherapy, dance therapy, Body-Mind Centering® and infant developmental movement education to facilitate her clients’ brain and body, psyche and spirit integration. Her practice is based in Topanga, Calif. “Dancing in the Narrows” is her first book.