Lauren McCarthy, M.F.A. ’11

Posted On - April 29

Lauren McCarthy, M.F.A. '11Lauren McCarthy, M.F.A. ’11, associate professor of design media arts at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, was featured on “The Artian” podcast, where she talked about building intimacy through technology. Whether you’re an early adopter of new tech or a skeptic, listen here.

Some quotes from McCarthy from the episode:

“A lot of times we are presented with new technologies and asked to respond really quickly; to buy it or to be outraged or to like it or whatever the response is. It feels like there’s not enough time to really think. And that we’re supposed to think these things are black and white when they’re not.”

The Artian Podcast With Lauren Lee McCarthy

“I think that a challenge we’re dealing with in general is how do we maintain this feeling of each individual person and their importance and their presence and not see them as just one more Zoom call, or one more email in my inbox, or your one more square on my Tinder screen.”

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