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Marco Greenberg ’86

Posted On - June 2

Marco Greenberg '86A new book by Marco Greenberg ’86, “Primitive: Tapping the Primal Drive That Powers the World’s Most Successful People,” chronicles Greenberg’s journey as an advisor and confidant to Fortune 500 CEOs, startup founders and other top performers. From a former roadie for N.W.A to a rock-star brain surgeon, from young tech billionaires to a top-ten college football coach, the book demonstrates how a range of successful people — those Greenberg calls “primitives” — ignore what they “should” do and instead rise to the top by being oppositional, even messianic and a little bit nuts.

The book’s unconventional message is that true leaders and successful people are those who harness their primal instincts in times of adversity rather than sticking to the “civilized rulebook.” It offers a roadmap at a time when professional lives are being upended by working from home, perhaps while homeschooling, amid the myriad dislocations caused by the coronavirus crisis.

As the president of his own communications shop, Thunder11 (PR News Boutique Firm of the Year in 2019), Greenberg has spearheaded campaigns for an array of organizations in the fields of tech, healthcare and public affairs. As an experienced PR executive, he has learned through experience and connections with some of the world’s most successful people. Through this experience, Greenberg has gained wisdom on what makes truly successful individuals tick, and he’s determined it lies in our most primal drives.

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