Monty Minchin '88

Posted On - January 7, 2021

Monty Minchin '88"A little can go a very long way to improve a life in Africa." That's the lesson that Monty Minchin '88 has learned through the work of the nonprofit started by him and lifelong friend Larry Thrall, This Little Light Africa. The organization is raising money for those in need in the city of Makurdi, in Nigeria’s Sahel region. Their Light & Empower Nigeria campaign identifies two basic needs: better education and providing affordable solar power to homes in remote villages.

Minchin grew up in Los Angeles, attended Harvard Westlake School, and majored in economics at UCLA. He later attended Pepperdine, earning an M.Ed. degree in 2004.

On the website, Minchin says, "Larry went on to success in the finance field, focusing on solar power and alternative energy. I became an educator and worked with high school and college students with a desire to support the underserved. Both of us felt very fortunate for all we had been given and believed it was paramount to give back to those less fortunate. The greatest desire these people have is to see a better life for their children and grandchildren."

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