Erin Haywood

Erin Haywood

Education and Certifications
San Francisco State University: B.A. in Liberal Studies, Minor in Africana Studies
Loyola Marymount University: M.A. in School Counseling with a PPS Credential

Erin Haywood’s career as an educator and consultant has been grounded in critically thinking about some of the toughest societal issues like diversity and inclusion, accessible education, and workforce development. She is committed and passionate about continuing to learn, develop and collaborate with some of the brightest minds to help forge a brighter future. With 10 years of experience in various industries such as nonprofit, education and tech startups, Haywood has partnered with several corporations, including Facebook, KPMG and Prudential, to diversify their applicant pool by developing solutions for their hiring challenges. Recently, she founded Powered By Purpose Inc., an online community and
career coaching service for diverse professionals looking to plug into their purpose and level up in their careers. Haywood’s mission is to empower her clients to live authentically by identifying root barriers to their development and success.

Available Coaching Methods: In-person, virtual (via internet and phone)

Career Stages: Entry-level, Mid-Career, Career Pivot, General Counseling / Coaching

Industry: Tech, Education, Finance and Nonprofit

Email and Website: |


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