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Full Potential Functioning: Optimizing Life by Updating the Way We Think with Bill Benson '87

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Thursday, July 27, 2023, Noon PDT





The human mind needs updating: For millennia, our brains have functioned with a single focus: survival. In evolutionary terms, small and insignificant kept us alive and functional.

However, in today’s world, visibility is the thing that generates positive results. So, whether interviewing for a new position, teaming with co-workers, or leading a project, reworking our instinctual hiding into thriving is essential for business survival.

Through guidance, we can revise our outlook to view interactions as opportunities for collaborating and problem-solving, not threats to our status or well-being.

It's not life's events but how we perceive them, that determines success or failure.

In this seminar, you'll learn:
• The brain science behind problematic vs. effective thinking.
• Ways of perspective-shifting to optimize efficiency.
• Exercises to override limitations and attune to opportunities.
• Methods to impact our nervous systems toward optimal performance.
• How to work improvisationally instead of competitively with others.

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