Nine Majors, 72 Jobs … Endless Possibilities

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By Cynthia Oh ’97, UCLA Career Center

Just because you’re getting a degree in sociology doesn’t mean your only option is to become a sociologist. If you’re tired of stumbling over the answer to the ‘What are you going to do with that degree’ question or if you’re worried about your options after graduation, read on. Now, more than ever, there are countless professional options no matter what your degree.

The most popular majors at UCLA are biology, business economics, film and television, political science and psychology.

If you have a B.S. in biology, you can pursue any one of these professions: nutritionist, medical writer, environmental scientist, audiologist, medical librarian, pharmacist, sales representative, patent examiner, medical instrument technician, and the list goes on. Resources include the American Institute of Biological Sciences and

The B.A. in business economics can open doors to these jobs: marketing or executive assistant, corporate legal assistant, policy or business analyst and strategic planner. Resources include the Association for Social Economics and the National Association for Business Economics.

The film and television B.A. is a more exclusive industry. Jobs in the following capacities can be pursued: film/TV/cable/satellite production assistant, screenwriter, media manager, camera operator, media buyer, entertainment lawyer and assistant editor. Online resources include Film Crew Placement Services and Gigdirectory.

The B.A. in political science can help you become a foreign correspondent, consumer advocate, hospital administrator, lawyer, market research analyst, lobbyist, probation/parole officer, school administrator, public recreation director, writer/author and international banker. Online resources include the American Political Science Association and the International Political Science Association.

The psychology B.A. can steer opportunities in the following professions: social work assistant, student activities advisor, career/academic counseling, college admissions officer, customer service representative, human resources training specialist, legislative aide, film researcher/copy writer and hotel hospitality representative. Online resources include the National Institute of Mental Health, the American Psychological Association and the Social Psychology Network.

Are you completing an off-the-main-road major? Some interesting and offbeat majors at UCLA are cybernetics, global studies, Greek and Latin and marine biology. Let’s take a brief look at how creative your career path can be with a nontraditional major.

The B.S. in cybernetics can help you with a job as a: production engineer, technical manager, research and development engineer, computer and information science instructor, software developer, IT support analyst, legal credit controller and signaling designer. Online resources include the American Society for Cybernetics and the Cybernetics Society.

The global studies B.A. can be utilized for a career in: international trade specialist, import compliance specialist, international economist, banking officer, foreign service officer, legislative aide, customs/immigration officer, economic researcher and national security agent. Online resources include the Council on Foreign Relations and the Globalist.

The B.A. in Greek and Latin provides training for a career in law, academia, medicine, the arts, business and communication studies such as: theologian, educator, museum staff director, curator, foreign correspondent, tour planner/guide, translator/interpreter, public relations representative and intelligence specialist. Online resources include the Classical Association, the American Philological Association, and the American Classical League.

A B.S. degree in Marine Biology opens doors to these types of career positions: marine mammologist, fishery biologist, ichthyologist, microbiologist, biological technician and physical oceanographers. Online resources include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom.

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