Renters Insurance: 2 Ways and 3 Reasons to Protect Your Stuff

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You may not think you need renters insurance (also called Tenants insurance), because you’re just starting out and have nothing to lose. But what if you were robbed or your apartment building burned down? Could you afford to replace everything you own if you suffered a loss? Having your home burglarized, damaged or even destroyed is stressful enough, but it does not have to be expensive.

2 Ways to Protect Your Stuff 

  • Get a Tenants insurance policy and you can protect yourself, your apartment and your belongings.
  • Take pictures and videos of your apartment and your possessions. This way, you can make an accurate insurance claim should anything happen to them. You may be surprised to see just how much your CD collection is worth!

3 Reasons to Consider Tenant’s Insurance 

  • Protect Your Stuff Anywhere
    A Tenants insurance policy can protect more than just the items in your apartment; it can protect your belongings when you take them with you anywhere in the world. This includes when you move. A Tenant’s insurance policy can also cover your possessions in your car.
  • Protect Your Lifestyle
    What if your apartment is damaged and is no longer fit to live in? A tenant’s insurance policy can provide you with the additional living expenses you need to maintain your normal standard of living.
  • Protect You
    A Tenants insurance policy can cover more than just your possessions. It can cover you for loss due to accidental bodily injury or property damage at or away from home.
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