John Brown, J.D. ’04

John Brown

Education and Certifications
UC Berkeley: B.A. in Comparative Religion / Rhetoric
UCLA School of Law: Juris Doctor
Certified Hypnotherapist

After graduating from the UCLA School of Law and spending years as an attorney and then as an entrepreneur (founder of The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company), Brown realized he wanted to help people directly. Coaching and hypnotherapy appealed to him because of his ability to help people make rapid positive changes to their lives. Having completed America’s most comprehensive hypnotherapy training program, and having worked as a coach and hypnotherapist, Brown can tell you that these techniques work. He has experienced a wide selection of employment transitions in his career and looks forward to helping you deal with yours effectively and move forward with confidence and certainty. In his sessions, Brown begins by talking to you about your goals and your personal history. He explains how our experiences shape our “life scripts” and the expectations and limitations that can be created by our subconscious mind. Then he explains how coaching and/or hypnotherapy can be used to adjust and reshape our subconscious beliefs and create more positive thoughts and behaviors, so that you can move forward effectively toward your career goals.

Available Coaching Methods: In-person, virtual (via internet and phone)

Career Stages: Entry-level, Mid-Career, C-Suite, Career Pivot, Management, General Counseling / Coaching, Hypnotherapy for Confidency Building / Career Transition

Industry: Law, Information Technology, Startups

Email and Website: |

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