A Quick Guide for Remote Working Tools

Our work environments have changed dramatically in recent weeks, and you may find yourself asked to be in Zoom calls, Slack threads, and using a host of online tools you never encountered before. At UCLA Alumni Affairs, we know it can be a job itself to learn how to do your job in this new normal. Below is a list of resources and tutorials to help get you familiar with these tools so you can work confidently and efficiently.


This video and phone conferencing platform is a common tool for working remotely. Get acquainted with the platform here, and explore some of its creative tools, like virtual backgrounds and breakouts. For K-12 educators, the platform recently shared that they are waiving the time limit on free accounts for you.

Pro-tip: If you worry about videos buffering or slow internet speeds, have participants call in and mute their audio on the video conference. You can see people but still have uninterrupted conversations.

Adobe Connect

This platform is from the Adobe product suite and is used for teleconferencing. The tutorial on this platform can be found here, and they are currently having a promotion for 90 days free.


This videoconferencing platform is also a common platform. You can find tutorials on how to join meetings and managing meetings. Check out their webinar on tips to work remotely.


This suite of tools can help you with phone and videoconferencing. Tutorials on how to set up your account and calls can be found here.

Google Hangouts

This video calling platform is within the Google Suite of tools. You can talk one-on-one or connect with a large group. This platform is ideal for more simple meetings. You can invite people by sending an email or sending them a shareable link to join. Find directions to access Google Hangouts here.

Google Docs

You may be asked to collaborate on a Google Doc, which is a document that is on the cloud and shareable and editable in real time by multiple computers. You can find a cheat sheet here.

Pro tip: Google docs will automatically save changes, however, if you want to revert to an older version, check out tips here.

Google Suite

Google has a suite of products that are on the cloud like Google Sheets (Excel equivalent) and Google Forms (for surveys) that are easily usable for sharing and gathering information.


Many organizations utilize Slack to stay connected through instant messaging and to limit flooding inboxes. Slack operates as an instant messenger or team chat room to discuss projects/tasks or get answers to quick questions. These threads are called channels.

Pro tip: you can talk privately or publicly, but be aware of which channel you use. Want to sharpen your Slack skills? Watch this video.

Other Work from Home Pro-Tips

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