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Don Morris, Ed.D. ’68

Posted On - April 20

Donald Morris, Ed.D. '68Donald M. Morris, Ed.D. ’68, has been an educator most of his life. And at age 90, he is still at it, running basketball camps – his specialty is free-throw shooting – participating in major senior sports competitions, and spending time with his seven grandchildren, whom he can regale with stories of his military service, including training Navy seals.

Morris’ story was detailed in a feature on the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies website. He has also posted many videos on his YouTube page, including a chronicle of his many notable achievements and a blind-folded demonstration that success in free-throw shooting is completely due to muscle memory.

Morris earned his bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly SLO and then served in the Navy, where, as an airship pilot, he helped track Russian submarines in the Atlantic during the beginning of the Cold War. His service included active duty and service in the Naval Reserve for 42 years; he retired in 1990 with the rank of Commander.

Returning to his education, he earned his master’s degree at Cal Poly SLO and his Ed.D. at UCLA, which he felt was instrumental in helping define his future path. “If I hadn’t had that experience and my doctoral degree, I never would have been able to move ahead in the field of education.”