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Hassan Akmal ’01, M.P.H. ’04

Posted On - May 22, 2015

Professional tennis player Hassan Akmal ’01, M.P.H. ’04 has used his talent and influence to extend a helping hand to many.

Akmal reached out to disadvantaged children from Pakistan as an international ambassador of Right to Play, an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sport as a tool for the development of youth in disadvantaged areas of the world.

At age 29, Akmal launched Invitation to the Truth, a nonprofit organization that brings people of different faiths and backgrounds together to reform forced migration and refugee relief. Using tolerance of different religions as a guiding principle, Invitation to the Truth raises funds for natural disaster relief and orphanages around the world. The organization has raised more than $10,000, which it sent to Pakistan after a devastating earthquake and to survivors of the tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia.

Akmal’s interest in immigration and poverty can be traced back to his undergraduate roots at UCLA. On top of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, Akmal minored in Arabic and Islamic studies. He also completed a research project with the UCLA School of Public Health on American-Pakistani’s aculturalization and public health. Continuing to pursue his passion for public health in foreign countries, Akmal attended the University of Columbia, where his studies focused on forced migration and refugee health.

During his time on the UCLA men’s tennis team, UCLA was the #1 ranked team every year, Pac-10 Team Champions twice, National Indoor Team Champions every year and NCAA Finalists one year. After graduating, Akmal pursued his professional tennis career by participating in the ATP Tour and the Pakistan National Davis Cup Tennis Team.

Find out more at Akmal’s own Web site.