Emperors, Conquerors & Saints

time SEP. 15-28, 2024

ticket From $8,990

activity Activity Level: Moderate Activity

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pin Istanbul, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Volos, Chios, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Heraklion, Alexandria, Cairo
boat Swan Hellenic’s Diana

The shores of the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean gave birth to several of the world’s most important civilizations. On this custom-designed voyage from Istanbul to Cairo, we will visit port towns, islands and sites that played a major role in the developments of these civilizations. Led by Professors Douglas Brookes and Robert Gurval, our voyage will begin in Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople that was the seat of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and continue in the Aegean Sea, where we will explore magnificent places such as Thessaloniki, the biblical Thessalonica; the ancient Macedonian royal tombs in Vergina; the incredible Meteora monasteries; Ephesus, one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites; Rhodes, one of the quintessential Greeks islands, and Crete, the island that was home to Europe’s first civilization, the Minoan civilization. From Crete, we will sail across the Eastern Mediterranean to fabled Egypt, where we will visit storied Alexandria and spend two days in Cairo.

Cost: From $8,990
Thalassa Journeys

Activity Level: Moderate Activity

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