Ways to Help Bruins in UCLA ONE


UCLA ONE connects the Bruin community. With these action-based engagement opportunities, you can offer your help to those looking for your expertise and insights.

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Check out the different ‘Willing to Help’ options and what they mean to you:

Share information about my company

I am available to present on my career journey or my current role. I enjoy public speaking and sharing my personal and professional experiences. In the “About Me” section, I’ve shared the types of topics I’d be interested in sharing and speaking on.

Give advice regarding my industry

I have worked in this industry, potentially in multiple positions, and can help you with big-picture questions. For anyone looking to start in this industry, or to pivot into this industry, I can provide a framework for your job search.

Connect others to my network

I have synced my LinkedIn account to my UCLA ONE profile. Is there anyone in my network that I can introduce you to?

Serve as guest speaker or panelist

I am available to present on my career journey or my current role. I enjoy public speaking and sharing my personal and professional experiences. In the "About Me" section, I've shared the types of topics I'd be interested in sharing and speaking on.

Facilitate a mock interview

I can provide one-on-one feedback in an interview setting. Mock interviews can help reduce anxiety, boost your confidence, and allow direct feedback in preparation for your next career move.

Available for informational interviews (ex. grad school, identity-based perspective, etc.)

Informational interviews are a great starting point for your job search. I am available to give first-hand, relevant information about working in my field and my specific position. In our informational interview, you may learn more about roles you didn’t think to explore and tips on how to proceed. I can also share information about my admissions pathway, graduate schools, advanced degrees or continuing education courses. In the ‘About Me’ section, I’ve included more information about myself and the different perspectives I can share with you in the context of my career journey. I.e. Women in STEM, LGBTQIA in the Workplace, BIPOC in Finance, etc.

Review cover letter and/or résumé

I can review, edit and comment on your written content to ensure that you stand out in the applicant pool. Detailing your experience and your goals in a concise manner is important and I am happy to help!

Participate in a networking event

I am open to participating in networking events for student or alumni groups.

Can offer job shadowing & skills-building opportunity

I can offer opportunities that give insight into my professional day-to-day activities. From virtual meetings to office visits (when safe and appropriate), I am willing to open my workspace to you. I may also be able to provide an opportunity to build your skills and give you experience in my industry. In the “About Me” section, I’ve shared a description of the opportunity and the best way to contact me.

If you are interested in mentoring a student long-term, please check out the UCLA Alumni Mentor Program page for more details. Alumni can sign up for the 2020-21 academic year now.



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