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Black Alumni Association

Our Mission

To form a powerful and dynamic association of UCLA African American Alumni by advocating, mobilizing, creating opportunities, and offering resources to African American Alumni, students, faculty and the community at large.

Yesterday: History

Providing scholarships, advocacy, support and networking opportunities have been just a few of the ways this organization has and continues to support the University and its mission of having the best and brightest students walk the halls of UCLA.

Today: Our Vision

Achieve and maintain social, economic, political & educational equality by providing a vehicle to harness and channel the power of African American Alumni and the community at large.

Our goals include:

  • Maintaining key University Relationships as they relate to the UCLA experience for African American Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff.
  • Being a vehicle for professional and social networking amongst African American alumni.
  • Providing resources, financial and otherwise to current and potential African American students at UCLA.
  • Being a cultural connection to African Americans in the community and UCLA.

Tomorrow: Admissions

The UCLA Black Alumni Network and the Alliance for Equal Opportunity in Education (AEOE) recently waged a campaign to increase African American admissions at UCLA.

The results were remarkable:

* Changes were initiated in the UCLA admissions process, resulting in a 100% increase in African American freshman admissions in a single year. This ended a decline in African American admissions in the 10 years since the passage of Proposition 209.
* UBAA will continue to employ aggressive advocacy for just and equitable admissions policy and practice. This strategy, however, will be complemented by equally aggressive capacity building within the African American community aimed at:
* Mobilizing school administrators, counselors and teachers Empowering students, parents and the community.
* Our mission is to produce a population of highly capable, holistically competitive African American high school graduates while demanding that public colleges and universities recognize and reward them for their achievements.

For more information, please contact the network president Kelvin Tolbert at